Krita closing when opening palette - Krita 5.0

Hi, I updated krita to 5.0 on December 23rd, I didn’t test many things that day but everything was fine. However, today I opened Krita and when I pressed the right mouse button to open the palette, the program closed. And this is happening in any situation, I’ve installed krita again and nothing, changing the palette button and restarting the pc didn’t help either. What do I do???

I had the same problem, but I was messing around with the settings, and I realize that in the display secction, the scaling mode was in blank, I put it in the trilineat filtering, and that fixes everityng, now the pop up palette shows without closing.

I hope this work for you, It did for me

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Thanks Frank, I went to see and mine was already checked, I tried the other options and the problem is still repeated :frowning:
It’s sad, I really wanted to be able to take full advantage of the news of krita 5.0

Does it persist in 5.0.2?


@Michelist yes :confused:

Here is another post talking about the same problem, maybe can help you

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