Krita IRC for UI discussion and realtime development chat

Many people already know but making this post just to inform everyone else. We have a IRC chatroom for Krita. Many artists and krita Developers join this chatroom to discuss about development, conduct weekly meetings and have realtime conversation about krita.

Copy pasting a section about IRC from the Krita manual:

IRC is the main communication channel. There are IRC clients for every operating system out there, as well as a web client on the krita website.

  • Joining IRC: connect to, select a unique nickname and join the #krita and ##krita-chat channels. #krita is for on-topic talk, ##krita-chat for off-topic chat.

  • Don’t ask to ask: if you’ve got a question, just ask it.

  • Don’t panic if several discussions happen at the same time. That’s normal in a busy channel.

  • Talk to an individual by typing their nick and a colon.

  • Almost every Monday, at 16:00 CET or CEST, we have a meeting where we discuss what happened in the past week, what we’re doing, and everything that’s relevant for the project. The meeting notes are kept in google docs.

  • Activity is highest in CET or CEST daytime and evenings. US daytime and evenings are most quiet.

  • IRC is not logged. If you close the channel, you will be gone, and you will not be able to read what happened when you join the channel again. If you ask a question, you have to stay around!

  • It is really irritating for other users and disrupting to conversations if you keep connecting and disconnecting.

You can also use web service from KIWI IRC to join or you can use matrix/riot app to join with a persistent logging.

P.S. I am also merging some posts here from other topics about IRC.

In case we need to talk more about the UI stuff everyone is welcome on Krita IRC. We can make a separate chatroom and discuss things in real time.

pinging @fullerhill_art , @slightlyangrydodo


THAT WOULD BE GREAT. I can barely do things in IRC, but it’s an interesting way to communicate. The only problem I have with it is that information disappears as soon as I log off


you can use matrix riot app to log into irc and have the chats logged. Matrix is also opensource.


Will do it later today :smiley:

Can you create it, I’m a bit swamped and I don’t know anything about it… However I’ll ping everyone that contributed to join in on this:

@fullerhill_art @Kapyia @scottyp @Rakurri @Dmitry @Mythmaker @EyeOdin @AhabGreybeard @wojtryb plus everyone I might have forgotten!


I already created an account on Matrix, but I don’t know which room to join, can you get to that @raghukamath?

I’m pretty sure it’s #krita?

There is an explore button on the top left corner of the app (web UI). Go to explore section choose freenode from the dropdown below the filter input box.

once you select freenode, then search for #krita channel and join it.

The meeting times have changed, lemme update that

@raghukamath @fullerhill_art I’m an idiot, sorry fam :smiley: Already joined, but does it make sense to create a separate channel for this? I don’t know, just joined the IRC today.

Also, I’m continuing work on the background for the color selector, and I intend on finishing that work today. If I can do this, tomorrow I’ll see what I can I do to continue the redesign. Small, incremental steps are the way forward!

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Sounds good, I forget that we’re all in different time zones! It’s 10pm for me atm but I can hop on for sure now!

We can discuss it on the main channel and if people think it is a nuisance we can make a separate channel. But until now every discussion has been held in this channel and people don’t mind the noise unless it is really off topic. You can ping me, my username is same as here


IRC is saying ‘cannot send to nick/channel’ for me

I can see you on IRC I just messaged you on the channel. Can you show me the screenshot

In case you don’t see any response from anyone, make sure you have a freenode account . Krita has restricted people’s messages to those who are registered to reduce spam messages

Anybody tried to connect with riot app and had this problem, that #krita is not found? I switched to Freenode and created some sort of account when the app started- is there still something I hadn’t done?
I’ll have to try to connect with browser I guess…

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It shows not found but it connects correctly. this happens on web app too. just try to connect it

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#krita is the room ID? It asks me for ID or room name when connecting to it manually, but I the “connect” button is grayed out with #krita

try this