Krita not showing the thumbnails

Hi. I’m having a small issue with Krita and it not showing the thumbnails of the jpg files in Open menu. Krita only sees the file names. I know I can just name everything but it’s just easier to see what you want to open. It is very uncomfortable.

What operating system…You might have the icon view turned off??

Hi @Artlotus , if you’re on Windows open Krita and go to settings, configure Krita, general, miscellaneous and check “enable native file dialogues.”

It sounds like you’re on Windows and Krita is reading directories in Linux format. “Enable native file dialogues” will make Krita read directories in Windows format and you’ll be able to choose to see thumbnails.

I have MacOS Catalina! Screen Shot 2021-10-11 at 2.39.11 PM|400x177

Try “enable native file dialogues” anyway. Krita is supposed to work on Mac’s so I would expect it to read directories the way a Mac does. No harm in trying.

Your screenshot is showing the default Linux directory format.

Yes!!! I did it… Go to Configure Krita → General → Miscellaneous and check or uncheck “Enable native file dialogs”. It disabled by default.

You have thumbnails now?



Good night!

Excellent! Glad it’s working!