Thumbnails Not Showing Pictures

Hello, sorry to bother the community again. I just tried the options here and they didn’t work: Krita not showing the thumbnails - #6 by Artlotus

I can’t get my thumbnails to load the pictures. It just makes it harder for me to find the image I want! Does anyone have any ideas how to fix it?

I am using Surface Pro 7, Windows 11. Krita 5.1.

Edit: Forgot to upload picture, sorry.

Which version are you on, the portable or the installed? In case of the portable, did you install the shell-extension? You will find it on Kritas download-page, just look down a bit, it is on the right side of the webpage. If you have installed this, it should show the thumbnails.
It is possible that you have to reboot your PC in both cases to show the thumbnails.
I hope this will fix it for you.


I apologize, I’m not sure why you’re talking about. I download Krita from the official website normally. I also downloaded the beta of 5.1 just this morning. So it should be installed? But I don’t really understand the difference and I can’t tell. I do have these files backed up on my Microsoft One.Drive and my external hard drive.

I will go take a look at Krita’s website! Thank you.

Krita for Windows is available in two versions, a portable version, which is offered for download in a ZIP file, and a system installable version, which comes as an EXE file. With the EXE version, you don’t need the shell extension. But you may need to reboot Windows, both after installing the installable version of Krita, and after installing the shell extension for the portable version. But it sounds like you have the EXE version of Krita.


Edit/Add: If you have rebooted Windows after the installation this morning, and Windows doesn’t show the thumbnails, there must be another issue than a forgotten reboot.

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Okay, I double checked, yes I do have the .exe version of Krita 5.1. I will try restarting my computer. What do I do if the thumbnails don’t work? Should I get the extension still or will that be ineffective? One thumbnail came back after I opened it so maybe just open them all one by one and hope for the best?XD.

It could be that Windows has to create a new local thumbnail cache for your files (i.e. on your PC). Because you store these files, if I understood you correctly, on an external drive and in OneDrive, it could be that Windows must have “touched them first” to be able to display the thumbnails. However, this is just a guess.


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Okay, I restarted my computer and my thumbnails still aren’t visible. I have the .exe of Krita 5.1 so I’m not sure what to do now. The one thumbnail that was working isn’t anymore and that stopped working before I restarted the computer and it’s still not working now.

Okay. Hmm… well that’s unfortunate. It just takes 10X longer for me to find the image I want now XD. Thanks for trying, I really appreciate your help!

You can use the Krita plugin Buli-Commander to select the images in a file manager you start from within Krita. It can show all KRA’s and many more picture-file-formats as thumbnails, and so much more.

Or you could detour to XnView MP, a multiplatform image viewer (free) that can also browse and display KRA’s you can then drag and drop them into Krita, or XYplorer, a very versatile replacement for Windows Explorer (it probably will make you forget Windows-Explorer) that can also display KRA thumbnails. Unlike XnView MP, XYplorer has the advantage of being a full-featured file manager from which you double-click to open the images in Krita, but the disadvantage that it comes at a cost, about $70 for a lifetime license, there is also a cheaper license.


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thank you! I will give these a try!

Are you looking at the files from the OneDrive folder or a local folder? Thumbnails work on my Windows 10 and I have my Krita files stored locally (in a folder on the C:\ drive).
When I try to look at the backed up Krita files from the OneDrive folders, the thumbnails do not show up.

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Hello! Sorry for the late reply, I am at work so I couldn’t get to this until now!

Local folder on my computer. I copy and pasted them onto my computer from my external hard drive. It does have this this icon, which was not on my previous Surface Pro 7. I think it just means that everything is saved and syncing automatically to One Drive but it doesn’t really tell me if I hover my mouse over it!


There’s no thumbnail showing in One Drive. Just a blank white document. The local files physically on my computer are showing the Krita logo like in this image!

Ok, I was just wondering. Thanks for the info. I hope you get it sorted soon.

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Thank you!

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OneDrive has a feature called ‘files on demand’. This will upload your file to Microsoft’s servers, then delete it locally. Because of this, Windows cannot generate the thumbnails.

  • Right click OneDrive in the taskbar
  • Click ‘more’ and then settings.
  • At the bottom, if ‘save space and download files’ is checked, that is you problem.

If you uncheck it, you will see thumbnails again but OneDrive will re-download all files in the folder.

If it isn’t checked, try clearing thumbnail cache.

  • Click the start menu and search for ‘disk cleanup’ and click it
  • Select your C: drive and click OK.
  • Only select ‘thumbnails’ from the checkbox list.
  • Click OK and then Delete.

if neither of those work, I’m not entirely sure what could be the problem. Hope this helps.


Hello, I am so sorry for the late reply! I have been busy. Thank you so much for taking time to reply!!

I will try these! Will my local files still automatically sync to One Drive or does this stop that from happening!? o.o.

Also it worked! I un-checked “Save space and download files” and my thumbnails are back! Thank you so much! This makes finding and viewing my work 10X easier!! Thank you!!


Glad to hear!

Regardless of which option you choose, your files are safely backed up and synced on Microsoft’s servers.
The option that was checked was an option that let you save space on your local hard drive. Once they were uploaded to Microsoft, they were deleted from your hard drive. When you open them, they are downloaded right then and there in the background. Unfortunately, this breaks the way that Windows creates thumbnails.

When you uncheck that option, a copy is stored both locally and in the cloud, rather than just the cloud.


Oh wow!! I see! It must have been on automatically when I set up my One Drive syncing system. That’s great to know!! Thank you SO much for taking time to help me and explain this! I REALLY appreciate it! You made my day!


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