Krita should have its own creative cloud someday

Because Adobe’s is trash. I’ve had nothing but issues with it. Sync errors, randomly deleting all my files and now it’s telling me I’ve used up 17gb of 20gb, but I only have 3gb of files in storage. Sorry. Just had to vent :]

Anyone else agree or have had issues with CC?

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Is the adobe cloud any different than what apple, microsoft, google, or dropbox provide? I mean does it actually have any features that make it “creative”?
You can “connect” Krita with any cloud provider you like by simply saving your files on the shared drive/folder. Krita foundation has barely enough money to pay it’s developers and cloud storage is a completely different area.

Yeah, I suspect anything we would do in this area is more in the field of providing better integration with stuff like nextcloud, cryptpad or blender’s thing.

A more or less centralized repository for brush presets, textures and plug-ins would be nice. Maybe even searchable from within Krita. In theory everyone can set this up but it needs to be hosted somewhere. And that’s not cheap if it should be reliable.

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We tried something like that with, but the backend for that was really horrible and we couldn’t admin it. There was (or is, haven’t checked) a huge spam problem and the libraries to interact with it from within Krita needed a lot of dependencies we had a problem packaging for Windows.


I didn’t enven know. I once had the idea to implement a package manager like thing for resources when python support for Krita came out but then I lost interest and there was also a limitation with the resource system when I remember correctly.

Hm, I wonder how other providers keep their stuff spam free? How does PIP or AUR prevent everyone from putting every nonsense in there? Never thought about it.

Usually, you have someone who vets user-submitted content before making it visible.

As for plugins – that’s even trickier because it’s too easy to create broken code by accident, breaking people’s krita, and someone might even do that maliciously. This why Gimp’s plugin repository is now dead.

Right now I just try to put everything I know of and like here: Resources — Krita Manual 4.4.0 documentation but I’m still missing some key resources like some of Ramon’s brushes (those that haven’t been added to default Krita), Animator Reference plugin by Scott and Spritesheet plugin by falano… and now Krita Vector Comic Panel Tutorial - #7 by malle_yeno :wink:

But I still added a big warning on the top of the page because I cannot check all the code for malicious intent, for example…

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Yeahhhh :slightly_frowning_face: I did a mistake on a plugin on mine that would softlock krita eternally. Luckily I found out before anyone else.

Concerning cloud storage I simply bought my own cloud. Was tricky to learn how to set it up correctly but I got 6TB with no issues of doubling content inside because it is in 2 computers or more like in Google drive. It simply acts as just another drive I have well because it is. I use sync toy after booting up my pc just avoid hazards. Real time sync is bad.

Honestly after getting used to the weirdness it is better than Google drive I had not to mention I no longer have any issue with Google docs anymore being locked inside of the drive. Libre office is free :partying_face:

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It’s true, a plug-in can break things (even on purpose) but that’s also true without a centralized repo. When I now get it from github or as a tar from this forum it can just as well break everything. You still have to trust the author.

I had a own cloud literally “OwnCloud” for long too but some day I realized I so rarely need some of my files somewhere else that I just switched to a raspberry pi with some drives and later to a real NAS for backup. I simply put my whole home directory into SVN wich is on the NAS and sync between my Workstation and Laptop this way. No private data leaves my home anymore when I can prevent it, the pi is now running pihole.

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Between my desktop and laptops I use syncthing to sync my work directory and other directories. I do have a self-hosted Nextcloud instance too, but I don’t sync my work files for personal use.

Syncthing is can be run locally without hosting anywhere, so I prefer it, It can be setup on a vps but all my devices which I will be using Krita on will be with me on local network, so I do not plan on hosting it on the web. Even if I go away from my work place, I take one of the devices when I come back syncthing updates other devices with new files.


That looks pretty good. From what I understand I could even use my NAS as a read only device to redistribute changes to the whole cluster.

How does it handle files being changed simultaneously on two devices? Sometimes it happens that I change a text file with notes on both, my laptop and workstation but forgetting to commit them, with SVN it’s of course easy to merge both files. Couldn’t find anything about that scenario in their docs.

It creates a file with suffix like filename-conflict-time.ext It also has versioning feature. so it helps

I just figured this out. I definitely give it a try. My current syncing is a bit clumsy in comparison.

Anyway, has anyone have a good way to keep Krita configurations and resources synced between devices? I used to replace the config files with symlinks and put the actual files into a folder that was synced (back when I was using rsyc to sync my files). That worked with … well, mixed results. I’m not doing it anymore.

As I wrote elsewhere, one of the reasons I use Krita is because it doesn’t have the whole “cloud” and “launcher marketplace” circus. But I would support that Krita @Takiro wrote there is an officially supported (and covered with automatic tests) sync mechanism. I think Krita and “self hosted” solutions could go hand in hand there. But even as a computer scientist I don’t have any spontaneous or “just off the top of my head” idea how to map this well. I’m afraid it’s not that trivial.