Krita Splash and welcome screen refesh suggestion

I would like this for the “splash screen”.


Kinda random idea but letting people post artworks in this forum or else and then make krita’s splash screen randomly display those would be cool and motivational for artists. But I’m not sure how maintenance intensive it can be, and of course the list shoud be managed by the someone which must mean extra works.

We’ve considered this before, but given that Krita gets started millions of times a day, it would put a lot of load on any server that would host those images. We still might do it as part of the welcome screen refresh we’re considering post 5.0, if we can find a solution for this.

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If the welcome screen is gonna be refreshed, I suggest tip of the day. (NOT as a popup, those are annoying). But on loading screens or welcome screen it might be useful. Cause I would wager most people aren’t even using 50% of what Krita is capable of simply because not knowing such an option even exists.

And if you are waiting anyways, might as well as learn something.


Random “Tip of the day” with Colorize Mask tip having 50% chance of appearing? :smiley:


lol sure, nothing wrong with that actually as long as it checks if you ever used that, then stops doing that once it knows you tried it. Cause some of us believe it or not have tried the colorized mask! (Though that might just be adding a lot more complexity to the mix. Albeit it would make tips more helpful as it would always show people something they never used)

If it can rotate like that, by end of the year, everyone would already know every little feature that exists and more. Or at the very least the colorized mask :slight_smile: You can divide up the colorized mask into multiple different tips of every sub-feature of it too :wink:

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Welcome screen is visible a couple of seconds; no time to read anything it :slight_smile:
So reading the tip of the day might be difficult if it’s not a popup :sweat_smile:

Also, I agree popup are boring.
On my side, when I use a software with tip of the day popup, the first I do is to uncheck this option (don’t show me tips of the day anymore!)

Not sure how the tip of the day could be implemented in welcome screen without being a popup, but it should be an option that can be deactivated by user :slight_smile:


We used to have a popup with a tip of the day; all KDE applications had that by default. On the one hand, maintaining a set of useful tips is really hard, and on the other hand, I’ve never met anyone who actually read the tips, so this probably isn’t going to return.

Isn’t that the splash page? Welcome screen is the first screen you see when you open Krita. And it can be on both.

Oh, I never read the tips when they are popups either. Cause the annoyance of a popup beats reading anything. It’s like the mind filters everything to make it go away. This is why viruses spread a lot back in the ActiveX days where everyone would just OK everything to make the popups go away.

I think the real key to having helpful tips is having the community manage it. And putting them in places where we would just read them passively, like splash pages, load screens, welcome pages and etc. Places where they won’t get in the way of our workflow but we may casually notice them.

since this is offtopic, split this into a new topic someone who can?

Just to include that I agree the welcome screen is only briefly shown anyway, but also to add that I’d personally not want krita pinging out to the internet for images … if a selection of different images were included in e.g. the appimage (some seasonal ones already are?), that would be cool though.

My 2 cents :slight_smile:
Krita already has a docker with the news.

In my opinion displaying tips would be nice to show on that screen. Somewhere on the bottom of the UI.

The same way as it is done in video games.

The only issue is the tips, however. It will mean that tips have to be moderated. And all tips would have to have a special tag (what version they should be shown in).

That means that there has to be a proper tips database, that has to be maintained for a few most recent versions. So it should be considered if it is worth it. And who will actually maintain this database. My guess, even though the idea is cool, it will be tough to implement.

That’s the welcome screen.

Community upvotes. And take the highest upvoted ones so no need for any serious moderation. As for version, you would just start from scratch with each major version.

There is no need to maintain a database for each version, support is always for latest version. Old version tips don’t need to be added as they are better off just upgrading their version.

The actual problem is removing outdated tips, for example. Also it would be best if it was not online but kinda embedded into Krita (which would make it easier for users on older Krita to have the tips for that specific version).


Yes you’re right :slight_smile:
The thing is, the “welcome” screen is not really welcome to me and I really didn’t think about it when you’ve talked about welcome screen :sweat_smile:

All tips in english?
Or tips adapted to user’s language?

Anyway, I don’t really care about where and how is it provided as it’s possible for user to deactivate it, but just providing startup tips is more complex than “just provides them” :slight_smile:


That is why as I mentioned, tips would be wiped clean every new major version. And if a tip is still valid it can be resuggested. And yes, it should be embedded into Krita. So tips would be added during beta, and put into final version.

Yes, the language thing is the biggest hurdle. But I guess it will depend on the community of each language.

That makes it stupid from the translations point of view. Better to leave them and just check if any are not changed. Also translations would be best left to ki18n teams. Having different tips instead of just translations would be a very bad idea.

I was thinking of a way that would limit the amount of work on the staff to have it semi self managed by the community. If something is still relevant, it can be re-added by the community.

In my opinion, if the motivation behind showing and maintaining tips is help users or make they know about features, the effort could be better directed to creating tutorials for the krita manual and improving the existing pages.

Maybe a way to make discoverability easier is to show random link to the documentation in the welcome screen, might seem like i am basically suggesting the same thing however this way all the text would be in the documentation centralizing the the translation efforts in just one place.


I think that the “tip” is not a priority, I was only talking about a redesign for the welcome screen to make it look a little more modern, since currently Krita 5 has a more modern design.

But we often release every two-three months, so just like the manual, most of the content is still relevant (but sometimes it does change between minor versions). No need to throw it out :wink:

@LunarKreatures that’s a great idea about the Manual link.

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