Krita-tip Video Series

I find Krita to be a treasure trove of hidden gems! I want to share some of these gems with more users through a series of short text-and-music based videos that quickly highlight some of my favorite features. The videos are aimed at people that have used Krita for a little while but has yet to find some of its lesser known or powerful features.

I will start the project by making 5 small videos with some of my favorite tips, see if the format and information in them are useful and make more after that if it’s the case! These might come at a snail’s pace as studying takes a lot of my time, but I hope the ones that I release will be helpful for some :blush:

Some of the planned tips are:
Overlay Blending
Instant Preview
Brush Hotkeys
Seamless cloud-syncing brushes and resources
G’MIC and my favorite filters there
Non-destructive Gradient Maps
And others!

Here is the first video in the short series. I have seen many people talk about how they cannot switch from Photoshop to other programs because there is no liquify or similar. The thing is that Krita most often has these features but people often assume it doesn’t, so in this first video I want to highlights one of Krita’s most important but sadly unknown features:


Thank you @Rakurri :slight_smile:
It’s a good idea to make a series of ‘short and sweet’ tip videos which will probably be more useful than the longer and detailed tutorials, especially for people who already have experience with digital painting/editing.
I’ll look forward to seeing more.


Thank you very much! :blush: Happy to hear that!
I think there are many good beginner tutorials already, and there are many great in-depth longer videos, so I hope I hit a space that is less occupied and for existing users. I wish I had more time to "mass produce these though haha, then they could be be even more useful, but for now it will probably be far between each video, so I start with my absolute favorites!

Yay yay i needed tips videos like these.


Thank you so much! I love finding out about lesser-known features. And shorter is better than longer – although I would never complain if someone took the time to make a tutorial and it was really long. I would still be appreciative.

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Happy to hear that @Reitei17! :blush: Thank you

Thank you @Sooz, so happy to hear that! I hope to make some that are even shorter too! My goal is kind of having many catchy titles that makes people go “Whaaat Krita can do that?!” and is more about showing what things are possible rather than showing them much in-depth! :blush:

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New video about the wonderful Overlay Mode on Color Smudge Engine brushes! :grin: Krita Tips - Smudge Multiple Layers - YouTube


Here is a new batch of Krita-Tip videos! :grin:
Thank you for all the support on this series so far, it makes me glad so many find them useful! I appreciate it a ton :heart:

Super Fast Smudging!

Gradient Maps

Assign ANY brushes to hotkeys!

Many more to come! :grin:


Neat trick to reallocate the default number key actions (canvas input settings) so you can use all of the numbers for rapid brush selection :+1:

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Thankyou! :grin: Yeah I think having them freed up to brushes or other things is great. I never tend to use the default number, almost to the point that I personally think they could almost be considered to be unmapped by default? My opinion I think Ctrl + 1, Ctrl + 2 and so on should be the canvas input shortcuts and 1, 2, 3, 4 and so on should be up to the users, but that’s could be just me being more of a power user than most users/users new to the program. What I love about Krita is how customizable it is, so I am extremely grateful to the devs that most things are not “hard-coded”, and easy to customize and share :grin:

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Ctrl+Alt+n needs two hands or one large hand with the fingering skills of a concert pianist.
Many new users don’t know about the difference between Keyboard shortcuts (easy) and Canvas Input settings (confusing) and the isolation between them.
You should make a tutorial video about that :smile:

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That sounds like a helpful tutorial of one of the most important Krita knowledges -and- the perfect way to plug my free Rakurri Shortcut and Navigation Set for Krita to more people hahaha

I might consider it as a “how to change navigation” in Krita, or maybe mention it in the video I plan on “how to colour pick on only the selected layer” where it’s added in the Canvas Input Settings! Thank you for the suggestion.

I don’t think I have ever used Ctrl + Alt + N and I can’t find it, maybe I have unmapped it? Haha and yeah, I can feel the pianist feeling with some shortcuts. There are some shortcuts in Krita that I find hard - the most prominent example is [ and ] for brush size, which is particularly hard for me to reach as they don’t exists on Norwegian keyboards :sweat_smile: (I set them to A and S)

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I mean where ‘n’ is a number, i.e. the default ten brushes shortcuts.

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Ah haha thank you for clarifying! :grin: Yeah, the kind of hard-to-reach defaults for Ten Brushes defeat some of the purpose.

Here is the two latest videos in the series:

The videos have gotten combined more than 4000 views so far - I am blown away! Thank you so much for watching and for the support! :star_struck:


Hi @Rakurri and thank you for two more tasty bite-sized tips :slight_smile:
I was wondering if you could splice them all together into one longer video, maybe when there are a few more added to the series
That way, someone could download it and watch them offline.

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Thank you! Happy to hear :heart:
I kinda want to make a giga-compilation when I have gotten a ton of them. So that might be years from now. Though if you want an offline version I can gladly put them all together and send to you, that shouldn’t take long as I have them all in a folder! :blush:

I also want to make a compilation of many mini-tips in one video in the summer. Quick ones that would have been almost too quick for a video, simple things like scaling brush with shift, new layer from visible, hiding selection outline and so on. The plan is a ton of useful tips, and showing a ton of them quickly I hope that some are new to the viewers!

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Thank you for that kind offer but there’s no need. I’ll wait for the giga-release :slight_smile:

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New batch of videos, Cloud Sync is from today, and I’ve been particularly excited to release that one! :grin: