Krita weekly update - August 2022 week 33

Welcome to the second edition of Krita weekly development update, brought to you by the @Krita-promo team!

Unfortunately, half of the developers were not present in the weekly meeting due to various personal reasons and vacations. The meeting was initiated and led by @tiar. You can check out the copy of the full meeting document here.

Highlights of this week

  • Krita 5.1 has already been released.

  • We have 30 less bugs than last week.:tada: There are no release blocking bugs anymore but we still have 12 bugs marked as regressions.

  • Many outdated translations in the Manual are fixed now. We need volunteers to make the manual more accessible to other languages, so please volunteer!

  • KDE is currently evaluating the ‘Donorbox’ non-profit payment processor If approved, it will probably make the existing dev fund website obsolete. Nothing is finalized yet as this is in the evaluation phase.

  • We got a good response for the brush making video on youtube. @RamonM has created a new bundle for the upcoming video. You can download the presets from this thread and join the included challenge. The new presets work in Krita 4.x as well as 5.x.

  • @dkazakov fixed the release blockers and later started working on a new bug which causes undo to be broken after using the move tool in wraparound mode. This won’t get fixed before the release and will be a known bug.

  • Tiar triaged some bug reports last week, and also started working on adding the missing options from the MyPaint brush editor. Any improvement in this brush engine is planned to be in 5.2 release.

  • @amyspark is currently optimizing code for running Krita on multiple platforms faster and more efficiently. The current approach shows promise and has halved loading time HEIF/AVIF encoded files

  • @Reinold continued the work on exporting a krita file as svg and has worked through technical difficulties with the current implementation.

In summary

Although it may seem that there is not much going on this week due to developers being absent for the meeting, they continue to work tirelessly ensuring this release and their current projects are moving along nicely.