SK Sketching in Krita V1

If you like Sketching and Figure drawing, Gesture drawing and doodling… This is your pack.
The bundle contains 18 Brush presets, 4 Patterns, 3 brushtips and a lot of effort.
There are two versions:
“SK V1” bundle with TILT feature (if your tablet supports)
“SK V1_” bundle without tilt for non- tilt users.

There is a challenge here:

Right now the bundles are here:

The sets work in Krita 4 and krita 5, you choose
Also you can post here all your drawings :wink:


Cool! I’ll see if I can fit in some drawing and get some pictures done, thanks :smile:

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Sure you can create amazing things with them, thanks


OK, here it’s mine. I do a lot of pencil color works in traditionnal and I miss a very soft pencil to do something like this

I plan to make a drawing for August contest with these brushes.


Special thanks for the erasers included! although it is unusual to erase without the [ E ] key

Hansi Kürsch


I like the not realistic style. And yes , darken mode allows create a build up effect. nice! And the link is really cool. I take note, maybe for the V2 in future ? who knows.

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@RamonM this is what I did with the pencils:
One of the Bargue plates!

I do wish that there were a blender that does not remove or interfere with the pencil graphite texture though. I tried to make my own. (You can see it in the screenshot)
Anyway, I’m having fun with these pencils! So nice and natural looking! Thank you for these!


Hey! is not a bird :O. I thought about blenders, but i think for graphite you can also use Charcoal KA bundle blenders. I take note anyway. Now i am more interestd in pure sketching and playing with brushes and texture.


First I should thank you for making such an wonderful bundle !
It feel so organic and confortable that I am feeling like I am using real pencils !
Currently trying to play and learn more about them .

I was thinking about requesting a blender,then I remembered about these nice blenders in Charcoal bundle,I find them very useful.
So I have already started using the “rag” blender from charcoal bundle with this new pencil bundle and I think it is responding well.
Thanks again for this great new bundle :smile: !!


these are really nice for sketching


nice first tests, if you allow me to use the images in the video i need confirmation by email. Thanks

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@RamonM Done!

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Very cathartic feeling brushes, I needed to draw I haven’t done it for a while

. Doing some Camel studies, @RamonM I’ll send you the images for video if you want when I’ve done a few more. I’ve done some of the details with your charcoal set and one of David Revoy’s brushes though- is that OK or should I keep it purely SK set?


If most of the drawing is with SK is ok for me , this image is really cool. :ok_hand:

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a Fan-art portrait of Tifa, Final Fantasy 7, still WIP.

Very good brush and texture @RamonM , I had fun :+1:

On my notes, I had to modify them, to remove:

  1. the “Darken” blending mode: it prevented me to use the brushes for highlight (eg. white pencil)
  2. the Value sensor : it made me get unwanted color and unpredictable color picking with Ctrl (now I understand; it’s because you assume user will pick RGB black to draw and test the brushes, so you force brighten the color to get a graphite grey look, where here I’m used to pick directly a non black color.
  3. the “Tilt elevation” on size: I had problem of predictability here too; the outliner was jumping too much on my device. And Shift+Drag to resize brush was really not in sync with the result I had.

Also, I had a little bit issue to select the one I liked because they have similar color code (the blue or green pencil icon). I’ll probably decorate the thumb of the one I use to make them unique.

Do what you want with this feedback, it’s probably mostly a matter of taste. All in all, thank you very much for creating and sharing them, very good texture.


Just a little tree doodle, started with grey and then colored over it. Mostly used 4B.

I too noticed the brushes are designed to be used with black-turned-grey. That makes it easy to get a graphite color, but hard to use as colored pencils, since the colors aren’t accurate. But that’s okay, since I don’t think they were intended to be used that way, and it’s easy enough to change the settings.
The brushes have a nice pencil feeling. I’ll definitely have to do some further investigation. :slight_smile:


Cool image and useful feedback. You are right in some things. Normally all the pencil brishes i found are in normal mode, but pencils don’t behava that way and i want to show how Krita can go further with the real behavior. Of course you can use lock :closed_lock_with_key: to put everything to normal and remove value trick if you don’t like it or create more brushes.

About icons …for me they work ok, i read them as pencils but be sure if more people report same feeling I would change them in future.

Again thanks,

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Great! I like figure drawing and doodling so much!! This bundle is definitely for me. Thank you so much!

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Yes it is mostly with the SK set. Great thanks!

Thanks and I understand @RamonM , your research are about accurate simulation of traditional media while my taste for presets is often about versatility of usage. It’s cool the fix is easy to do in any case.