Label Box

This is a plugin that adds a a box to set color labels to layers in the docker menu. Did this to make it much more practical to add color labels to layers than right clicking.


It works for both one or multiple layers and if you position the mouse on top of the box and scroll it will change the color label of the selected layers too.


Just an FYI: Krita 5.1 will have an explicit button in the layer docker for opening the context menu, so that right-clicking (or opening layer properties) won’t be necessary for configuring color labels.

However, your plugin might provide more intuitive UX for this particular action and seems to only require 1-2 clicks. In comparison, for some reason, clicking the color labels in the context menu in Krita 5 doesn’t automatically close the context menu, which I’m not sure is a bug or not.


Ah yeah i noticed that in 5.1 (though that is still kinda hidden) , but thats still the same problem. Having to open another menu to add color labels or change them is just too slow imo.

By the way in this plugin, since its a combobox, scrolling on top of the box already changes the color of the label on the selected layers, so not even clicks are needed.


In the future it would be nice to have more options in the layer docker.

(This is just a design in progress)

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could be interesting, though its a bit of a hack adding things to existing dockers, as you need to figure out the exact position to put anything so i kinda want to avoid giving options for that.

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Of course, although I meant that I hope that krita by default brings these options.

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The is fantastic. To be honest I had completely forgotten about the color label feature. I won’t anymore.

Thanks for the great idea and implementation

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@LunarKreatures this is a great feature. thanks. I wonder if it is possible to do this for the timeline while animating??

glad you like it. i am unsure if its possible, i looked up and didnt see anything in the krita api to manipulate color labels in frames, if there are no methods for that in the api i cant do much.

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