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Hi all! I faced this problem: I want to start creating a plugin to help develop Krita (as I think creating a plugin is a good start for a beginner), but for this I need to know two things: 1) I need a list of all plugins so as not to repeat the functionality already existing plugins; 2) I would like to have a list of feature requests for plugins to select the features that I will implement in the plugin. I don’t want to create a plugin just to be, I want it to help other people, help the Krita project.

So there is the first point that seems to be resolved by the link: Resources — Krita Manual 5.0.0 documentation and after reading the categories
Plugins and Plugins Development. But collecting information from everywhere is not convenient, I would like to have everything in one place.

On the second point, I have to analyze the topics in Feature Requests and decide what functionality should be taken for the plugin (plugins are always limited in functionality, not always what can be done in the core of the program can be made into a plugin).

As a result, we get the following: 1) I would like to have a topic with a list of plugins in the Plugins catalog, where there was a description of the plugins, their status (for example, is under development), links, authors, etc. 2) List of plugin features (which may be in the same topic or another one). There is a wonderful theme for developers, I wanted something the same: Beginner coding tasks in Krita: easy and short feature requests, ready to implement

Creating and updating the list can be done by me or anyone who wants to.

P.S. If I omitted something and everything I want is already there, then I apologize in advance.

You can also choose to cooperate with existing plug-in authors. Some plug-ins are still beta versions and the authors seldom maintain them. You can improve them under the license of the GPL protocol.

Well, now only my tutorial for the Chinese should include this. The ranking of plug-ins depends entirely on my personal preferences (as well as the habits of Chinese people)
This is the link (intelligent translation of the website has been enabled)
插件一览 · 语雀 (
热键切换属性、工具类 · 语雀 (

Should this post be useful to you?
What plugins would you like to see? - Develop / Plugins Development - Krita Artists (


@TheTwo thanks for the reply, I’ll study the materials :books:

I do think reading the Krita API or the PyQt5 classes are sure to give you some idea.

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Basically, just go to Plugins - Krita Artists category, normally you only have topic related to existing plugins :slight_smile:

From my own experience:

  1. Create plugin to match your own needs
  2. Publish it on Krita-Artists, wait for feedback to improve it according to what users need
  3. You can also read Feature Requests - Krita Artists category to get an idea about what users are interested in, and what you can try to implement as a plugin


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I was thinking but didn’t wanted to create a new topic, as it might be something that might not gain much traction.

Krita could have something like a built-in ‘Asset Library’ of available plugins. Basically a plugin (represent in the UI like the News section) with registered Github / Gitlab pages of plugins for Krita.
Krita already has the Script: Import Python Plugin from Web.

Maybe then it would be more useful to others users to explore and expand their plugins usage.

It is viable? Worth it? Dumb? :smile:

What you all think?


I think it’s a good idea. In the near future, I will check the possibility of implementing this idea. If there are no problems, then I will start its implementation. :computer: