manual++ (video manual too)

is there a manual using videos for explaining all krita features?

if there is no, will it not be interesting to make one?

just for the idea of it:

  • having a place people can put the videos in categories. and the video who explain the best will be chosen to be visible.
is it a good idea?
  • I think it is a good idea.
  • I think it is useless.
  • if there is I will get involved.
  • I don’t mind.

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You can take a look to this topic:

Or here:

You maybe can find some other video in the forum or on youtube I think.


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yes, I see. but my question is about an official website of krita.

The second one is official I think


and also if it can be only voted videos, so it will have supervision.

I can’t see the second one, because I can’t open youtube.

There’s no need to use a details tag for such a short reply. It just makes people do extra work.

If you can’t open YouTube then you’re missing out on most of the existing tutorial videos. I suggest that you deal with that problem first.

If the developers and website maintainers tried to make judgements about what were the ‘best’ tutorial videos, that would be a massve amount of work to set it up and to keep it up to date. They have enough to do already.

(Edited to correct ‘details tag’)

Why are you wrapping your reply in a details tag?

I think the poll result will be that everybody of course want it. But at the end it will have the big question who will curate and maintain it?

sorry, I just found out of the tag.
and I didn’t say “instead of the manual”.

Yes I know, I meant even if you create a new place supporting the manual, there still needs to be some volunteer who will maintain it. If some people volunteer then it is really great

I said :

that does not mean the developers will do it.

for example:
people will load videos. then people can vote which video they liked (and they can change there vote).
the video that will have the most likes will appear on the start.

not the developers.

Sure if there are volunteers they are free to create or curate videos. For example @tmolnar is doing great with a beginner series.

We try to keep Krita Manual always up to date. It takes quite a lot of time already since every change to a feature needs to be followed by a change to the manual. Often one needs to make new screenshots etc. There are still outdated pages in the manual, mostly in the Tutorials section, because while it’s not that difficult to remember to change the page about the feature, it’s often not remembered to that some of the tutorials use that feature, too.

With video it would be much much harder to keep it up to date. Every time something change, you basically need to rerecord the video, or at least edit it. That’s enourmous amount of work. It can be used complementarily to the text manual but it would never be as complete as the text manual, because making changes in a video is much harder.

See for example how all animation tutorials got outdated in - I don’t remember which version that was, was it 4.0? - and all existing ones will be outdated again when Krita 5. will be released, needing to create a whole new tutorial series with the new Animation Timeline docker instead of the Krita 4 Animation and Timeline dockers.

And there are smaller examples, like Transform Tool videos talking about five modes instead of existing now six of them… Reference Images docker changed into Reference Images tool… and other things. Every update adds or changes something.

because of that it will be for volunteering videos, so when new version comes out it can be marked where it need an update.