Merging together topics in Feature requests to prevent votes dilution

Looking at the new votes feature, I noticed that there are sometimes repeated topics that have votes. Since closing the topic releases votes to the voter, what about closing the repeated topics (possibly those with the least amount of votes, or since the feature is new, we could choose the most useful information-wise topic and ask the voters to vote on it instead of the other ones).

What I noticed:

We could always link to the other topics in the “main” topic if anyone is concerned the discussion will be lost in the abyss.

It’s worth noting though that sometimes the requests are similar but not exactly the same… in which case it might be difficult to tell if it should be one request or multiple separate ones with separate votes.

What do you think?


I generally prefer merging duplicate topics. And yes it’s a prerequisite to link to the duplicates in the main topic. I think users should also link them so moderators can do the merging/ closing.

I would advise to ping the topic starter of the duplicate request and ask for permission on the merge/ closing. That way, the topic starter can say whether the requests are indeed the same or how they are different.

One thing that’s often neglected though are the user ideas in the discussion. In that case, I prefer merging topics so the ideas continue in the main discussion. When requests are exact duplicates, the least voted idea should be closed and it should also contain a link to the main request, just like the main request links to the duplicate.

This is based on my experience with Autodesk’s Idea voting boards.


Maybe we should create a test topic and check whether merging ideas propagates votes from the duplicate one to the main one. Otherwise linking back to the main idea would probably be the best approach to simplify casting a vote on the main topic instead (in case people see the thread pop-up within the unread topics thanks to the new message).

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It is the responsibility of the user who files the feature request to do due diligence of searching the forum first. We can merge the topic but it is bug trialing on the forum once again. I do not wish to increase the work of moderators. And if the user has not done the due diligence and if the topic went unnoticed then the penalty of votes being split is the users responsibility. Wherever the mods see the duplicate topic we can merge it and direct new topic creators to old one. But this should the foremost responsibility of user themselves they should search the forum first.


I’ll linking here a topic of same nature I made before, in response to one of this.

Flood Fill Improvements


Yes of course it is user responsibility to search for requests first.

But, I can tell you from experience that if someone uses different terminology (i.e. panel, docker and studio are used to indicate the same thing across different softwares for a seamingly rudimentary thing) sometimes a request will slip through. I know I have done this myself too, because I think it is not possible to find something you are not searching for the right terms.

That said, if topic titles are very clear and people add the name of a feature the way it is in another software, it should pop-up in the list of similar topics.

Also if you notice you are spending more time on moderation, perhaps a couple users could volunteer to check tags/ duplicates.

Users above trust level 3 can change category, edit titles etc. Some users already do this and I am really thankful to them. The issue is for merging topics. I think once there is a duplicate if it is highlighted early before any parallel discussion takes place then moderators can merge it or close it.

Any additional help to flag duplicates is welcome. flagging can be done by anyone.


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