"Close gap" in Fill tool

Hi huys. In Clip Studio Paint exist such very important FUNDAMENTAL AND BASIC thing as “close gaps” within Fill Tool. Please tell is it possible to implement it in Krita?

In "2021-11-18 21_05_53-CLIP STUDIO PAINT


The subject has already been talked many times here :slight_smile:

It’s too late and I’m lazy to search, but if I remember well (not sure) I think @Deif_Lou already started to work on things like this… :thinking:


Yep @Deif_lou has proposed enclose and fill tool. [im personally watching how the development proceed]

I think that a part of it is to do a close gap flood fill, or that the code can eventually be used to do the bucket fill and close gap.

The proposal can be read here.


The Enclose and Fill Tool Proposal for what I understood is not really the same functionality than one asked here.

It’s the morning now and I’m not so lazy anymore, then I searched in the forum :slight_smile:

I was more thinking about this post:

But it’s not exactly a “filling gap” functionality.

What I see is the Very important for animation: filling gaps topic was already opened by @Turbinskiy: it doesn’t deserve anyone to open and re-open the same subjects again and again… Why just not continue to talk on the topic already created?

Also, you don’t need to highlight this in an aggressive way:

You probably already now that Krita’s team is a small teams with few resources.
And as if a functionnality seems basic and fundamental from a user point of view, from a developer point of view it could be complex to implement… (and also fixing bugs might be more important than implementing new things, especially during beta tests phase)


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Oh boy… When someone says it’s simple or basic…


For the end user it is. :slight_smile:


I’m not telling the feature request don’t have to be implemented; sure if implemented it will be a great thing.

I’m just talking about the way some feature requests are asked: in the form, it sometimes looks like aggressive and/or condescending on the mode “sincerely, you do not have this functionality while the others already have it? what are you waiting, I need it”

That’s not really constructive and this type of behavior really disturbing me, sorry :man_shrugging:
I hope that developers are less hurt than me by that… :woozy_face:



I completely agree with grum999, that tone is completely unnecessary.

Closing gaps is far from a “basic” feature, it’s a nice feature to have but fundamental and basic is a completely wrong statement. The fundamental function of the fill tool is to fill until it reaches a limit, guessing limits based on surrounding areas is not.

In a way it’s a new/recent feature to many programs and i can only think of csp and medibang that have such feature.

In any case as others stated there are already talks about implementing it, i don’t know the details of the proposal so far as i have not read the whole thread yet but i think it’s not as simple to implement as one might expect, even though we have that function in the colorize mask and in the gimic filters i would expect some adjustments to be necessary, so it’s not a simple copy paste.

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a tool that shows me where the gaps are, would that be feasible?

Just use the Colorize Mask. Will save you more time even, depending on the lineart (for example detailed hair that you want to color in one base color are much faster to color in Krita with Colorize Mask that it would be with a Fill Tool with close gaps feature).

It’s actually pretty weird and outrageous that Clip Studio Paint or other apps don’t have such a BASIC and FUNDAMENTAL feature like Colorize Mask.


What’s “close gap”? Is it like filling in a shape without it leaving the layer onto the whole canvas? :thinking:

@SimonBrother Yes, it will not bleed-fill through small gaps in the lineart.
The Colourise Mask tool already has that facilty, adjustable in the Tool Options docker.

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Photoshop doesn’t even have the gap detection fill tool feature yet with the billions of $$$ adobe makes a year :rofl:


Photoshop’s a fine software. Never used it, maybe never will. I’m sticking with Krita no matter what

I think both of the proposal @Deif_Lou can lead to something similar.

I’m pretty ok with the enclose and fill and reading the discussion, it seems that the code can eventually facilitate an identical tool. Not exactly the same but close.

enclose and fill is very close to how I use flood fill nowadays which is color the edges , select laso, and fill. So im pretty happy that the proposal was made.

I think CSP has alot of feature that people automatically assume photoshop has [because ps was like - its the industry leading so if this software has therefore it ps has it ] kind of thing.

I even fall for that though I havent use PS for any meaningful digital work outside of some phototouching on an old PS copy (you’re not going to get me to subscribe). and I havent open CSP outside of checking it when i bought a perpetual license for my friends birthday.

Krita so far has filled everything I ask for it to do, outside of small things - that i might as well try to code those myself.


Clip Studio Paint has a very useful feature: it can fill an area even if there is a “gap” on the outline.

Now Krita has Enclose and Fill, which is great by itself. But it would be 1000% greater if it could detect the gaps as CSP does.

(I know colorize map kinda does that… but it would be more convenient if other “fill” tools have it.)

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You don’t have to wait for a new feature. Just close the gaps as you draw.


A little search in the forum goes a long way:

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Lack of “close gaps” makes Krita loses

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Very important for animation: filling gaps

TLDR: It sure is a convenient feature and I don’t doubt it will be implemented some time in the future. I just recommend you to wait for it while sitting.

Do not take this seriously

At this point with so many request only being: ‘Program X has fill gap, so Krita should also have.’ and/or being rude (not yours), I think if volunteers and devs are just pushing this feature down the priority list.



The colorize mask is also pretty good with closing gaps.

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Have you seen this topic?
I am also very excited about the development of the fill.