Military officer BunBun

Hey, here is my submission to the Krita-Artist forum contest of December 2021 “Military Officer”. I repost it here on its own thread so admins can feature it, because I won :1st_place_medal: yay!

Now for January 2022, I had to decide the topic for the next contest and choosed “The Big Tree”. I hope you’ll join it.

Here is the process, thanks to the new Recorder feature:


How were you able to post a video in the thread without using a third-party site?

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It’s possible to post wepb/webm file here if file size is less than 3MB



Yes, I used for mine mencoder (a command line utility on Linux) to convert my mp4 video file to webm, but the Recorder feature also has a direct “Webm” option (Render As: Webm).

For the curious about the command line I used:

mencoder -ovc lavc -oac lavc -of lavf -lavfopts format=webm -lavcopts threads=8:acodec=vorbis:vcodec=libvpx -ffourcc VP80 input.mp4 -o output.webm

Wow deevad i love it, is so cute! i don’t want to see him in a battle. He can change a lot then. :open_mouth:


xDDD i love it

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Comrade Potato

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I have learned a lot from your youtube channel and from this incredible work in particular how much tenderness, sensitivity and symbolism it contains.

Each mind that believes it is super powerful and destined to designate the destiny of others on this planet of ours should carry an image like this that makes it land on what it really is.

My respects and admiration teacher from the Caribbean Sea, a plse with storms, huracans ans ciclons

How can post my work teacher?

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Thanks @DigitalVector for your nice words about my art and channel.

If you want to create a thread to post your work, just go to the homepage, click on a category (eg. Artworks, Finished Artworks Finished Artworks - Krita Artists ) then you’ll see on top right a button “new topic” to start your own. :slight_smile:

Thank you very much David Revoy just when I sent you the message I saw in my email that this possibility was unlocked for me because I am new to the site. I’m sorry to have bothered you, you are incredible as a teacher, as an artist and under these two variables adding the courtesy of taking the trouble to answer, a great human being. Thanks again

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And again is amazing this great General BunBun @Deevad Deevad

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@Deevad This is so cute. Thanks for the recording, I love watching your process!