Need your advice and opinion

Hi, everybody. I am a novice motion designer, I want to create a fan-video for Krita in 3D style.
I want to ask you what you like most about Krita? Why do you use it?
What objects/colors are associated with it?
What would you like to see in this video?

What I like most about Krita is that it’s easy to use and to get used to.
I never ever had a problem with it, and probably won’t. :)))
As for object or colors, I’d say for both, the logo. Pink with blue and yellow :))) (actually the logo would be like a disk or a ball)
Probably for what I’d like to see would be the brushes!
Also, this probably should be in #lounge :)))

Thank you for your answer! This is very useful and important for me.

Sorry about that.Moved it to #lounge :))

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Thank you! Hope you work your hardest and it turns out great!

Check out the features page on the website. That covers most of the highlights. There is also Tips and Tricks - Hidden Gems in Krita which has some undiscovered features listed in it

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