New observations regarding brush speed

So, reviewing some other digital softwares notably Autodesk Sketchbook and Medibang Paint Pro, it seems that, with even with low brush size, the brush rendering tends to happens in real time and I’m wondering why. I’m wondering why compared to Krita or Photoshop it’s a different story. Basically, Clip Studio Paint, Medibang Paint Pro, Jump Paint, Autodesk Sketchbook, are a range of softwares which can offer realtime performance with a simple round brush that has 10% spacing on an A4 canvas at 600 ppi. You just need to fit the whole page to the screen and draw fast on it to see the result for yourself. But, just, why is it faster with these brothers ? I wonder…
I might ask them to see if they’d be kind enough to tell me about the software tech they use. :expressionless:

Have you tested the Basic-1 brush in Krita? It’s the only preset that uses the quick brush engine and is very performant at large sizes. It has very limited options and doesn’t have pressure sensitivity though.

The engine itself does have pressure sensitivity at least for size, btw.

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Oh yeah! Sorry - I was only thinking of opacity! :upside_down_face:

No GPU you already know this.

I don’t know. Krita’s brush was definitely slower then those you mentioned in the past but it has caught up with that(especially since it’s multithreaded), and depending on the case even faster now.

And in case you’re referring to the delay between the cursor and the brush outline, it’s due to window’s areo display option and does exist across all painting applications as well(as far as I’ve experienced). I really hate that delay but Microsoft made it unable to turn it off from Win10. : /

If you want to be more productive on this you gotta be more specific about the problem you’re having or the comparison.

I agree with OP. Even Drawpile have more responsive brushes (comparing their simple brushes to krita)

I did lot of digging in past and i found something that improoves Krita brush speed:

I agree that with small brush sizes, Krita renders much faster compared to before. :thinking:
En, the difference in terms of speed is quite negligible. Krita is only a few hundreds milliseconds slower, and you can feel how fast the brush catches up. Well, still… that real time performance from the brothers is particular… Oh, well.

I still don’t see there’s a speed difference, but I did find that brush rendering stutters at the start of every stroke(in 5.0 nightly). I think dev is working on that tho.

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