NEW VIDEO | Krita vs Clip Studio Paint

I posted a new video! It took a lot longer than I expected to upload but now it’s here. It’s basically an excuse to fangirl about Krita and Clip Studio Paint!


Very interesting, I guess I never use template features of either program, I just make pages that fit industry standards, and I create frames and word balloons like any other thing, I’d never use the balloon libraries from either program because those things are too important to just throw on cut and paste style.
You’re right about Krita’s text tools, it’s plain bloody awful, but it’s there, I hope it’s given a do-over in the future.
I think your art has really come along, it’s got a commercial look now that’s appealing to the cute market. The video was well done, those things take a lot of time.

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Thanks! I only have time to post a video at least once a month, so I wanted it to be worth waiting for :blush:. I’ve been experimenting with my art style lately, so I’m glad it’s beginning to look a bit more polished than before.

I like using templates for comics because I tend to overthink what kind of layout I want, so finding (or making) a good template is very convenient. It is true that the wrong word bubble could break a comic, which is why I usually draw the word bubbles for Life’s Lemonade (plus, drawn word bubbles can provide personality to the comic page :smiley:). Though recently, I found a decent looking word bubble in CSP so I started using it mainly because it helps lessen layer bloat and saves time (especially with all the work I’m doing :sweat_smile:).

I really hope Krita improves the text tools someday, but besides that it still does the job. Plus, considering the upgrades Krita has been doing such as the animation features and other tools it’s possible that the text tool is part of that list.


Yes, we really want to get rid of the current text object, or upgrade so we have word-wrap, on canvas editing, ruby, vertical text and so on. After 5.0 is done, we’ll give that a try.

As for Clip Studio, I really do see that as our main competitor – not Photoshop nor Corel Painter. If we had the resources, I’d also want Krita to have an integrated marketplace and much better support for comic frames and page layout.


passing by;

This is nice to hear.

Right now the major drawback of using krita with manga is the text tool - knowing its going to be address in the future is a major relief.

I’m probably going to be a frequent user of that proposed market place it it ever materialized.

I would love to see krita’s “Task Sets” be as complete as csp’s automatic actions. The current Task Sets is boring me with a few actions, because it only logs them. And things like switching blending modes don’t get recorded. I have some ideas, but no way to implement them. Right now people can only use python, and probably have to learn pyqt to do the interface.

If all you don’t need any complex text, until Krita gets a better text tool, you can try this:

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One of the things that me turn my nose at CSP is making scripts only being accessible in the EX Japanese version.

The rest is really smooth even the brushes seem oddly easier to use not to mention drawing with vectors to make everything clean.

Oh really? That’s interesting :thinking:.

Yeah, the brushes are very nice especially with vectors. It’s quick to clean and adjust without it blurring too much. Unfortunately, it’s impossible to use the fill bucket to fill in the beta so if I want to fill it in in the same layer I have to do it manually. Though it’s not a big deal.

Actually… @wolthera and I are looking at Clip Studio together last week, and I’m not that impressed by their text tool either… No justify, no RTL text, no automatic wordwrap either. And the way the text is saved is strange. Clip files are sqlite databases embedded in a thin container, and every text is a layer, the text is a field in a layer table row, and the formatting is two binary similar but different blobs in another field in that table.

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To clarify, we did find the word-wrap option eventually, but we were somewhat horrified at how little the program tries to help you navigate it’s options. Especially given CSP original focus was comic creation (though, CJK fonts for print are monospace, so perhaps wordwrap makes no sense to them, I also vaguely recall a word-balloon generation feature which might be involved in UX decisions, but I couldn’t find it anywhere when I was testing, so I am unsure if it’s still there).

I take the opportunity to inform you that in Photoshop, the fonts are updated in real time as with the OS. So if you add a new font to your system, automatically it gets added to Photoshop and the app doesn’t need to be restarted to detect the added font. The same principle applies with font removal from your system as well.

Unfortunately, Qt’s QFontDatabase doesn’t update when fonts get installed, so any Qt application will have to be restarted.

Unfortunate indeed.