No way to lock Animation Docker


I noticed that locking dockers is back but not for the animation dockers. Which is very frustrating as an animator because i loved the feature when it was here but it got taken away and now that its back its not for animation?

I have seen many posts of people saying how they want the ability to lock the animation timeline as when they are scrolling through the timeline they manage to grab it instead and un-docking it, which is very annoying and time consuming.

Please just add the ability to dock the animation timeline. You can lock the onion skins and pretty much any other docker. why not this one. it seems it was intentionally left out but I have no clue why.

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:slight_smile: Hello @Azlan and welcome to the forum!

Okay, I don’t animate, so there might have been other ways to (lock?), dock and release the timeline and animation curve dockers from their positions, but to me these dockers behave the same as all the others. I just think that the buttons to release and close the dockers, are now displayed in a different place when docked - but, as I said, I don’t animate, so I may have misunderstood you and my memory is deceiving.


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Hello. It’s reported on the bug tracker already: :+1:


Hi - it has been reported a while ago. Has not been fixed yet. such a minor “bug”. Seems more like it was intentional. I only say this because I have wanted this for years and have seen the devs talk about how people were confused on the old one. which is why they removed it.


Animation docker specifically? :thinking:

I remember that ability to lock docker again was asked in general and more in the way “why it has been removed?”

Concerning timeline docker, the thing is it doesn’t use usual docker widget like other widget, and I’m not sure if it’s easily possible to add this option without huge development…
Need to ask @eoinoneill or @emmetpdx

But in all case, there’s a global project to change completelly the current docker system with an another one so I don’t know if time will be spent on this case if in few month everything is rewritten to use new docker system :man_shrugging:


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I thought that was just the direction the development of the animation docket was heading into since it is on the lower section.

There must be a reason.

I dought it would be very hard, they used to have it. They removed the feature that used to be there. I see no reason it cant be there. Or that it would take a lot of time to do.

There was another thread recently on how to lock the dockers, so for the timeline docker:

from krita import *

qdock = next((w for w in Krita.instance().dockers() if w.objectName() == 'TimelineDocker'), None)

run that script.


I never said it’s impossible, I just said it need additional development (maybe huge, I’m not sure)

All dockers in Krita are using the same base for docker title bar (that provide the lock), except animation timeline for which it seems there’s a dedicated implementation of docker title bar.
So, if you want to have the same functionality on animation timeline docker, you have to code it again in a compatible way with current animation timeline specificity.

Not impossible, but is it really wanted to spent time on this as docker system will be entirely replaced by another one? :man_shrugging:

I started to use Krita from 4.1.7, the feature was not available and never saw it until 5.0…
It might be removed from a previously version ? :thinking:


I am trying to remember and i think you were never able to lock the animation Dockers. Looking at the old release notes krita 3 introduced animation and in the pictures the lock was already gone. Maybe the locks were removed during krita 3 release? Didn’t see anything on the notes. I have been using it since 2.8 but it’s hard to remember such old things.

We removed the lock button at some point because it broke undocking dockers on macOS. Then we found a way to re-introduce it, with a macOS workaround. The animation docker doesn’t have that lock button because it’s got a custom titlebar with the controls It shouldn’t be hard for @eoinoneill or @emmetpdx to add the lock button to the timeline docker.

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It was there, I used it. Then I remember being annoyed when they removed it. It made it virtually unusable for me and my other animator colleagues. However if you look below, a dev said it wouldn’t be hard to implement. hopefully we get it in the next release.

fingers crossed

Thankyou! I really hope its in the next release. It would help me out greatly. As well as get a lot of my animator friends back on board.

I didn’t say it was never here.
I said I never saw it (starting to work with Krita with from version 4.1.7)

It has been removed in 2018, seems with Krita 4.0.0 release

I hope :slight_smile:


I am actually pretty chill without it. I thought it was a design choice.

Could just be accidently overlooked but if it was a design choice, its a pretty terrible one, Like removing it in the first place. They said they could add it. I hope soon.

I guess it would be fine for shorts and things you can take your time on. But for professional fast paced work like i do it slows me down too much and costs me a lot of money. I did force myself and my team to make a feature with it and fighting with the program was terrible.

I am an animator and I donno…

I am honestly curious at how not being able to lock the docker affects the workflow, as reading this all i can see is “not being able to lock the docker makes my work harder” but never a why that happens. i never lock my Dockers as it never feels necessary to me so seeing this makes me wonder what is going on. While i mostly curious maybe an explanation of what the problem is can be helpful to improve workflow.

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Maybe @Azlan is working on a shaky ground or has Parkinson’s and “can’t hit the target with the mouse or stylus anymore”?


I’ve been learning animation on krita and I have to say, I will accidentally undock either the Timeline or Curves docker at least once an hour, and sometimes it’s hard to get it to redock as tabs instead of sitting on top of each other vertically. It’s not that bad though. I’ll make a new post about things in animation that I think could use some tweaks.

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