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Where can I see my old saved files in the software?

:slight_smile: Hello @RENCE and welcome to the forum!

It is below “File” >> “Open Recent”

But there is no gallery where you can find every piece you created with Krita, if you asked for something like that.


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I see. That’s a bit sad but thank you. :slight_smile:

Is there a specific application purpose, for example, you can’t preview the images in the file manager? Or did you forget where you saved all your images and hope to find them that way?


No. It’s just as you said. I was expecting there will be a gallery within the software where I can find every piece I made.

As far as i know this is not a feature common on desktop applications at all and it’s more a mobile app thing. Might be a thing to consider in the future for krita mobile version, but as it is now if you want to have a gallery of sorts you would need to use image managers.

It might be possible to make a gallery plugin, i think.

The problem with things like that is that it breaks as soon as you move or rename the file with another program. Simplest solution is to just have a dedicated folder for your Kita files and save them there.

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a plugin already exists…

but not yet ready for a production usage, still have too much work on it, too much bugs and not enough time… :weary:



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