Pattern Fill Missing in Vector Shapes Docker

I am working in an effort to fill a vector polygon with a pattern fill, but I cannot seem to find an intuitive path to do this. I know vectors can be filled with patterns as per this page in the manual.
but I don’t have the button in my docker. I’ve just updated to 4.3.0 in an effort to resolve the issue, but it persists. below is a screencap of my current workstation. what do?

I think it could be this:

Go to menu: Settings >> dockers >> “tool options”
In tool options >> Geometry option / Fill >> choose: Foreground color, background color or pattern…

you must choose the fill you want for all vector tools…

ps: Now that I noticed. You already have the ‘tool option docker’ there, so ignore the part I wrote …

Exactly, this is what i have attempted through the tool options docker. the option to fill with pattern isnt visibly there. The options available are only none, solid fill, and gradient. I don’t know how to fix this part.

I’m sorry, possibly I shouldn’t have understood. (my english is not good too)
Well, I’ll try again:
For the option I mentioned above to appear for you, you must have the polygonal tools selected (rectangle, oval, freehand …).

If you want to change the color of a fill: you must select the vector with the first tool in the toolbox, the one that is an ‘arrow’.
Then you go to the docker (the same as your image) and you can change the color of the fill in the flap of the paint bucket.

Well, it works for me :slight_smile: (I’m using Krita plus)

Again, Yes. this is the path i have followed before coming to the forum. what you see in the screenshot is the point where I’ve selected the vector and would like to pick “pattern” fill, however, my options are only these:

@mmiller I don’t know what krita plus is. does it perform with elements Krita doesn’t?

Ah, ok. It is the same thing that appears to me :confused:

I can only choose the ‘pattern’ fill when I have a vector tool selected (as I explained the first time).
I think it would be interesting if the developers take a look at this ‘problem’ here.

(You can find krita plus in the downloads section of the Krita website. But K. plus will not solve this problem unfortunately. I think K.P. has some functions that will be made official in the next release).

I’m sorry for the confusion I made here.

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OH! I see what you’re talking about. the selector doesn’t bring up the fill options, but the actual tools themselves do when creating the vector shapes. Gotcha.
I agree with you, i think this non-glitch is a janky problem that should be worked around in future releases, because I’m certain I’m not the only case of someone wanting to change to a pattern fill after I made a vector polygon.
I guess I just needed to hear this twice before I got it.
Thank you!

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This is because we never fully implemented the vector patterns (drawing the pattern fill correctly is what is blocking it). In fact, I myself only recently realized you could at all create vector shapes with patterns.

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