Pin studies 8

ok, i got it, im sure one day i will go crazy because of wacom drivers, i have no doubts :upside_down_face:


what a brush work!


thanks Tengu, really appreciated :grin:

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That looks really amazing! What brush did you use?

i used these brushes by Pyteo, mostly 3)Blocks_texture3 and 3.Blocks: Bristle, modified a little, i dont like to have a big range of opacity or flow in these kind of works, i hope i was clear!

Thanks a lot! Yes, you’re very clear! :+1:

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Really nice. I’m still getting used to the brushes. this looks fantastic.

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Bonito trabajo.

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This looks amazing! Can I ask how much time this painting took?

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ty :blush: i think 45 mins

Wow, that’s fast!

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