Promoting Krita's Youtube channel on

Krita is growing its YouTube videos and education. Are there any ways we can better promote these video links and resources to our sites better?

  • Why do people currently visit the Youtube channel?
  • What type of information are you expecting from a YouTube channel?
  • Where would people expect to see the YouTube content on

1/ I check it out once in a while because I like the software. No particular reason in general there’s still not that much content which says this is what this channel is about. :wink:

2/ Functionality (new features, how some things work - short tips maybe), once in a while maybe a rough roadmap about what’s actually going on on the dev side, I can’t stress this enough I just mainly want to see what you can do in Krita (like an artist painting or drawing or making an animation) in different styles (I wrote more below if it’s worth a read xD). There could be some regular thematic competitions (I’m not sure what’s the correct word here) just to keep people engaged (I know there is/was something here on not sure how alive it is but youtube could give a bit more exposure also it doesn’t have to be a monthly thing as I can imagine it might take time to put it together (1 video for start, one for end compilation maybe?) so maybe quarterly or half a year?

3/ Well I typed more about this overall below, currently there’s no place that would make a decent sense on the website without cluttering the site even more.
(but if you really wanted you could have like an animated video on the frontpage in the header area maybe just half of the area and have it click through to youtube with some autoplay in the header. Though I’m more in favor of redesign overall rather then adding more and more elements and features in - I’m sorry webmaster but the first page is really kinda empty but it’s somehow still cluttered and claustrophobic ;-))

The longer talk here:
Honestly Krita’s front page (or overall) could use a more modern redesign.
Especially the front page is not really eye catching other than the Get Krita Now button I’d say everything else is pretty dull.
This obviously includes socials and how they are or mroe aren’t really visible. You can check Blender’s page ( it makes a bit mroe sense (still I think even blender could get a bit better but the page makes sense and is simple to navigate through - well at least for the first time).
In krita’s case the page Features looks way more like a landing page or what should be on the landing page ;).

There’s also CSP page, all these share the same thing and that it’s very clear navigation wise (especially for your eyes), clean (visually). From the beginning you kinda know while on Krita’s website you don’t really know right away and even then it can get complicated pushes the socials aside too.

When it comes to youtube, I think it would be cool to see more different artists just painting, maybe talking along with it to just keep the content going more regularly and show not just functionality but also how people use it and most importantly when they can actually do with it, maybe some tips videos in collaborations and so on.
(I believe CSP does something similar and keeps the ball rolling this plus other ways)

I know this wasn’t about website overall but I just wanted to include it as it’s a big part of Krita’s presentation involving socials too. I don’t mean to take someone down just an opinion. :smile:

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@nickgeneratorfailed - these are some good ideas about the overall site design. We would probably need a separate discussion about improvements. I am sure there are some great ideas and improvements we could do if we took a more high level look at the site design and content in general.

This thread is mostly focused on YouTube and how we can integrate that with any of our sites better:, was a concern that we aren’t promoting our YouTube channel enough…so that prompted this thread.


Yeah, I understood that it’s just that at this point I think it might be better to take is a whole concept since the socials weren’t really major part of the website to begin with and there’s not really much you can do without pushing it in a weird way at this point.

I think the current best options include these:

a. I’d start by adding the youtube logo into social senction as it’s not present at all ;0

b. Make sure the youtube logo stays in the side bar always on screen (not the biggest fan of this design in general but it’s definitely better than nothing).

c. You can utilize the top banner (hero banner)

d. Merge landing page and features (honestly features hould have been part of the landing page I don’t know how it got separated as I wasn’t around when the page was put together ;0) - since both are important for the first timers and prospectors, they also share some of the sections which makes it redundant to have it on both sides. This would be a temp until a newer design gets introduced.

e. Definitely get rid of blue buttons with play head, none of these (for example “FREE education and resources”) are videos, so no reason to have a video playback suggesting icon.

f. Add an embbed video from youtube (free education resources probably doesn’t even need to be so high on the page (does it really need such a high priority especially since it leads to “Learn” which is already in the top menu?)

(g. Get rid of that gradient from menu. ;0)

(f. This one is not really youtube related but wouldn’t mind seeing dontation options a bit more)

Well, these are some of my suggestions.

I still think since the things have been changing over the time that the web redesign would be the best solution altogether.

PS: Sometimes I get told off as harsh with suggestions, to be clear I’m not I’m just trying to keep it straigh so feel free to bash me back. :rofl:

One of the first things I think people new to Krita will do after checking the site is going to the ‘Learn’ page.

But when you click there you get a page with the manual. Although I think that it is an invaluable resource (and have already learned A LOT from it), I believe it is for the ones that already know some things about the software and want to deeper their understanding.
Almost gives the impression that you have to learn/read the manual first to then navigate the software.

In my opinion, the ‘Learn’ page should have instead Youtube Videos from beginner steps to advanced techniques.

Imho, that is what people expect from the channel. First videos explaining the basics to get their feet wet with the software, only then advanced techniques. Although you already have the Playlists on the Youtube Channel that hints at that, maybe it should be more explicit.

Again imho, when someone is learning a new software, seeing a progression in their skills and don’t feeling overwhelmed by information (and advanced techniques that they can’t understand yet) is invaluable.

Ah, and I really love the idea of having videos of the dev side, so we can know better the people developing Krita. And having videos of guest artists that use Krita doing their magic!

Finally, @RamonM is doing an excellent work in the Krita videos and they are getting better and better! The last one about the Charcoals is really good, really enjoyed the explanation of the traditional methods and how they were translated to the digital realms!

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Thinking a bit about the subject, maybe the channel could have some major topic:

Artist s making magic with Krita (Illustrators, animators, …)

Making Krita brushes (from traditional to digital) / advanced techniques / how to use oils, watercolours, pencils, charcoals … (and how they translate to digital) / Dev behind the scenes and team

Getting around the interface / How to’s / Cool stuff Krita can do / Quick tips

Just some thoughts :slight_smile:

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well from me what I would expect from the offical youtube channel would be mostly like news about krita. this could be about the new things that become integrated to the program like new features or events that happen concernning the programs inprint on the world so to speak. also some basic tutorials just to get people up and running so to speak nothing fancy tutorial wise. sometimes programs shift in their approach and it is good to what whats up even as a long time user.

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If you want, you could start a new topic about improvements in general if you have lot on your mind with that. I am sure there are going to be a number of people that have ideas with updating content, design updates, or re-arranging things. I think your comments on that are going to get lost in this YouTube thread.

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So here is my sugestions:

Make small tutorial videos, 1 - 5 minutes at max

Videos talking about whats new in Krita

Tutoriais geting deep in some functions of Krita (like brush creation)

Make attractive/appealing thumbnails for the video, and make it clear it’s a video of the official Krita yt channel

Tutorial videos for begginers in digital art

What’s the difference between “you have to learn/read the manual first to then navigate the software” and “you have to watch tutorial videos first to then navigate the software”? Also Krita Manual is always up to date (…at least we try to keep it that way); even if we make Youtube videos about Krita, they will get outdated at some point and recreating them would take much more time. That’s why Manual is in the written form.

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@scottyp yeah I’m sure it will get lost ;0. It’s just my nature as a web dev to at least mentioned it hehe xD.

I realized after checking reddit that there could be a vid or 2 about coming from PS to Krita and coming from CSP to Krita. Doesn’t have to be long but the basic functionality where things are named differently or work differenrly for the same result (clipping mask is one of the main topic for anyone coming from PS for example ;)).

@tiar manual up to date that’s something worth a :+1:

You mean like and ? :slight_smile: Although those are not up to date… mostly because I don’t know either of those programs, never used them, so I’d need help with that. If you know them maybe you could check them out what needs to be added and what needs to be removed? If yes, we can talk more here: How can I support Krita? since it’s already about Krita Manual changes and updates.


@tiar don’t get me wrong. As I said, I find the manual extremely helpful and learned a lot reading it.

But I still believe the best way to learn is to jump right in to the canvas. If we start by reading the manual, then the excitement of testing the brushes and having a feeling how the software works gets lost.

I remember the first times I tried the Krita, I was immediately put off by some behaviours that didn’t work the way I expected and got very frustrated. The manual was then too overwhelming because the things I was trying to do were supposedly simple. It was like reading the whole car’s manual before starting to drive.
If I had someone walking me through the interface and explaining why things work as they are, that would prevent me from the frustration I had (and that made me almost quit learning Krita).

Again, these are just my 2 cents about it :slight_smile:

I had the same issue with Blender when it sucked alot still. at aparty a dude told me of the F.key shortcut and then it was 6 months of tutorials straight up.

This is my humble point of view
I think we have to use 100% what we already have (webpage and Youtube channel already running) And i test a lot of different softwares due i am teaching art with my classes and i need a wide spectrum.

Why do people currently visit the Youtube channel?
Fast way of learning, analize what kind of community is behind the software, see tricks, and enjoy with impressive timelapses. Youtube is the most known platform for the public for good or bad.

What type of information are you expecting from a YouTube channel?
What i have written previously. For me is a fast way to check overal a program, not by detail. I often see the videos at x2 speed to spend lees time. if the video is good, i can follow the video. I do it this way when i am analizing. For my spare time i enjoy the content more.
I think “show me how impressive is your work” in terms of artwork, features, promotion, community.

Where would people expect to see the YouTube content on

This is where i am not expert, but as user i will look for in a very visible location in the landing-page near the social media buttons like i see in other softwares. and i will look for a red button (official youtube play) or monochromatic button. I look for the “play” shape. I agree with @nickgeneratorfailed in removing blue play icons and include feature page in landing page. Why? well because we are talking about emotions and when you see faeatures and like them, then you think “hey, i want to see this in action”. So you look for the youtube button (this is how i think honestly).

Let me show you 2 examples: i used 3 seconds to find the link. i used 7 seconds. Is in the bottom part in Connect section. in landing page, Supportive community. Not there. Bottom part, not there. Even when Twitter or facebook is usually located near the Youtube. I don’t know why.

My third option is go to learn page and look side by side the pictures with categories. Not there.
4th directly i go to youtube and look for Krita channel but this option takes me away from the page and i disconect. Our retention is slower and slower.

i hope this helps and thanks everybody for the feedback. @oliver i am glad you like the contents so far, and yes i try to do my best in each video. see you