[Proof of concept] Tool Options Toolbar

Hi. I made a draft feature request that adds a new way of showing the tool options, in an independent toolbar.

Although it works, it is meant right now to showcase the feature, and only works with the fill tool options which I revamped recently, since there I introduced a new way of laying out the widgets that makes it a lot easier to put them in a toolbar. If this is very welcomed I want to revamp all the tool options widgets (community driven, in the same fashion as the fill tool options), and end up also making this merge request a reality.

Let me know what do you think:


It would be neat to have the tool options as a horizontal toolbar, so that it can always be visible while not taking up a significant amount of vertical space that could be used for more vertical dockers. I also think it would be helpful if this was a default in the case of brand new users, who might not have noticed the existing docker tab for the tool options (hence why there’s sometimes questions asking about stabilization and such…).

However, I’m curious how this would work with tools with quirky option widgets that would not fit in such an orientation, like the Transform tool’s anchor grid or the color picker tool’s color value list.


It’s hard to give good input as I am blinded by the coolness of this! Haha, it looks so awesome!
Trying to think rationally about if and how I would use it; I think I would use it if I worked on my main non-drawing-tablet monitor, or if I got a larger tablet than my current 13 inch. On my 13 inch where I do most my drawing, the canvas in Krita might just get short enough with two “toolbars” that I would likely continue using the Tool Options Docker. Although, right now my Overview, Recorder and Tool Options are tabbed at the same spot, so this might have been nice for clearing out one of them so that I could have the overview open more for instance. If I were to upgrade my old tablet to something larger like 16 inch, I think I would have used and loved the feature.
Very cool feature and showcase! I think a lot of people might love this

And the palettes of colorize masks.

I think that the transform tool options need some improvements and simplification. At the end I think that they can be reduced to a list of rows, which could be easily ported to the toolbar. Obviously, the anchor widget couldn’t be placed there, but some other widget could be used, or, in case most of the people is in love with the current, when in toolbar mode, a tool button with a dropdown can be placed. The button would show an icon with the current pivot position and the dropdown would show the actual “anchor” widget.

For the color picker value list I would substitute the value list with rows of labels with the values that can be laid out horizontally in the toolbar. Maybe with a toggle button for switching between the color names and the “DisplayChX”

Same as before, that large widget can be behind a dropdown button. But these kind of issues need to be discussed as part of the redesign of the specific tool options.

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Yep yep this is really much needed for krita on android. Vertical view also will be more helpful for my tablet screen ratio. If you can please make the size, opacity, etc to work vertically also, it will really help me. (I know that is not a tool option part but if you can, it will be great). You always make features that I really want, thank you.


I like the idea and UI implementation (especially drag-scrolling) sounds good

But I can’t tell if I’ll use it as I really like to have dockers and I prefer to have toolbar as clean as possible (I don’t like to have too many things in my toolbars)

But looks to be a great work as usual :+1:


Something I was just wondering: Would there be a significant reason to have the option of the toolbar if every tool option layout is made capable to fit horizontally in docker form anyway?

I loved it and I can see people using it for sure.

On my end I will probably just use the icon that opens the menu and not the horizontal bar. The horizontal worked great but I donno I can’t feel myself resorting to such a layout.

This option is already available from a long time :slight_smile:

I was using it a long time ago, and finally switched to docker because with menu you have to click on icon to check current options while in docker options are visible at any time.

But having different possibilities is a good thing, people have different ways of working, different UI feeling, and it’s always a good thing to have possibility to custom interface a little bit


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Technically and also design-wise, I like this new idea of organization for the tools! It looks absolutely great.

However, I doubt if I can get rid of the Krita UI Redesign-Plugin by Pedro, @slightlyangrydodo. I think it’s just too cool to have all the tools and the options docker available in canvas-only mode and be able to show and hide them at will without having to leave canvas-only mode.



I like it, it’s very like Blender. Although personally I don’t think he would use it, I think more like Grum999. I am a lover of popups. If it were up to me, everything would be in popups and would appear under my brush when I needed it. I don’t use the docker toolbox, nor the brushes one (I have them in categories and I take them from the popup and from the ten brushes script). And if I had the brushes and stuff bar gradient editor, in the tool options I would also remove it because it’s the only thing I use from there (for the brushes editor I use a shortcut). Basically I only have for pleasure, permanently, the color picker as a reference (because I choose them from the color picker popup) and the layers. It would be great to sometime have a tool options popup with the gradient editor included when you select the gradient tool. I’ll ask Santa Claus.

Just a random wish …
Is it somehow possible to access fill tool/gap options outside docker mode in future ?
Something like this ?

important options - from tool options appearing/ accesible from the menu bar?
I think that be good too.

I somehow remembering a feature request or dev works about something like this. :sweat_smile:

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Outside the docker, Do you mean to show the options somewhere other than the docker?

Yes, as @kaichi1342 mentioned.
It can be something like a sub menu bar under main menu bar.
Let’s say I have selected the perspective from toolbox and then different ruler options can be displayed as small icons in that sub menu bar.
In that way ,I don’t have to keep the tool option docker open,unless I need something very specific and I can have more open space for the canvas.
In the same way,if we can access layers and others dockers via drop down menu,something like an built in advanced Kanvas buddy kind of toolbar/ menubar,then it can be great for comics creation.

That is a different subject than this. Please open a new topic if there isn’t one open already about this. This is to keep the topic at hand not going into a tangent. If you want I can move your discussion to the new topic you create. There are other topic of similar request as well. Search before you make a new one, if any topic is not open and closed then make a new one.

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I remember there is one, so i went ahead and look for it. Its also by deif_lou :slight_smile:

@ari you might want to check this thread for that specific request.

/ I guess move this post there. since this off topic.

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Sorry,my fault here .
I will create a different post on this later.
I have tried to find a thread specifically on comics,but not able to find one.
So I will keep my request to a specific point here…
Which is , if somehow we can get the close gap fill tool option on a sub menu bar in future ?
I hope this is going to be fine :).

I have moved your feedback in this thread.

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