Quick editing Blender Textures in Krita


This is why I am focusing on Krita so much :smiling_face_with_three_hearts:

They really changed the workflow for this it seems so easy now. Nice.

If you could import a OBJ into krita to have UV display krita would totally be nice for this workflow to reach places where is hard to reach or even paint. The only thing that troubles me here is too many dialog boxes to confirm to go from one app to another. For this to work you need a couple of passes. If Krita and Blender recognized each other mutually it would feel like the GOZ workflow. Sometimes I wonder how it has not happen yet.

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I know I speak about things and I forget to actually show what I am talking about I found someone doing a demo of the GoZ workflow I was talking about. it is pretty much the same thing overall.


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So to sum up:

On the side of Blender:

  • do the same as the Quick Edit button does, but:
    • it should add a new material if there is none???
    • it should add a new layer in Krita automatically and selects it, so the user doesn’t need to do it

On the side of Krita (a plugin):

  • a button “Send to Blender” that would take the document, remove/hide the lower layer and export to whatever Blender expects the file in,
  • I guess an option to automatically reload the file in Krita if Blender overwrites it?

Something else? I guess it should start as a good, concrete proposal, with what is exactly needed in both programs in order for them to work together best. Right now it looks quite easy to do on both ends (although I’ve never made a Blender plugin, but I guess for those who did, it would be an easy task).

@EyeOdin are you working with Blender and Krita like that? Are you working in the industry/professionally, or just as a hobby? Not that I’m going to disregard you if you do it as a hobby, I’m only wondering if it’s an established workflow, and how to make the Blender-Krita bridge the most useful for the most part of the userbase. With purely Krita’s feature requests, I can somewhat judge if it’s just one person’s whim or a big issue (I will always fondly remember that person who told me that Krita is an utter trash if doesn’t have a feature to delete multiple guides at once…), but that’s because I have both multiple artists to ask and I do paint myself (and I’ve heard lots of requests over the years, and I can see which ones repeat and which ones just don’t). With stuff like 3D, I have no idea :slight_smile: (It would be best if for that concrete proposal thing you talked with other artists that do this too, so you can see what they need - needs and wants always differ between people, even with similar workflow or similar task).


I know it seems dumb but a single click swap program with the information on canvas would be the perfect scenario. from Blender and from Krita to the other side.

Materials in blender change over time with the render engine so I am not quite sure there.
The layer creation and swap seems a good idea.

That does sound right but Blender accepts all formats and if it does not, there is a addon that does. I think it more depends what sort of information you want to handle in Krita and how, Blender will probably hold it after on send. you can hold a image projection to the viewer camera as shown above or hold the mesh and go another route, my feature request was to make a small stepping stone for the latter.

I have some notions on how to make something for Blender addons but I did not get too far. A cool thing is you can activate developer mode and it shows the python binds of everything on the UI on a tooltip. Also there is tons of addons to take a look into including those that are shipped by default. But honestly I find Blender more confusing because of the weird hierarchy with loops.

Well as for my background:

I graduated as a Animator. I focused more in learning software than in making content for a good while so I have a pretty good idea where everything is at what I want to make something.

I worked professionally in animation and in adds for a while in two big studios in my country (that are small compared to others abroad). I was lucky and I worked on a big add production while I was there. But I stopped because my senior quit and no one was qualified enough to control me and other studios were worse. After that I tried to apply to big game studio abroad and they kinda ripped me off my ideas I presented to them so I just got a normal job.

After a year or so on another field I came back to digital arts with the intent to make my own game if all goes well and that is my goal now. If I am good enough to be ripped I might as well make my own stuff.

So I was in the dilemma of keep selling my soul to the devil and work with the industry standard software or go back to open source from where I started and learn coding and fix my issues as I go. I choose open source because no amount of money will get what I need on payed software so I rather do it myself if I really need it. That is when I arrived here at this forum making a bunch of questions.

So to sum it up I am not a hobbyist but I don’t have enough years of experience on the field to be called a real professional. Also not chasing to become a developer but if I need a fix I wont be stopped like with the “Industry Standard”. So I was trying to make a Open source pipeline because I think it is possible.

As for other 3D artists I only know a few as most I know are illustrators or 2D animators. Most 3D people I know are not interested in open source to really use like I believe. They like it but then use PS or CPS.