Quick Export PNG?

I often find myself having to export a PNG snapshot of my artwork. In Photoshop there is a Quick Export to PNG action.

What I would really like is a one click button in the UI or alternatively a keyboard shortcut that would quickly export a PNG with some default settings to the same folder as where the current .kra file is located - without prompting the user at all.

Is there something similar to Krita?

If not, is this a feature that could be implemented? If so, where to request it?

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What if you did a screenshot? (On Windows, cntrl + print screen button)

Screenshot does not really do what I want. I want the PNG to be a full sized PNG (or some configurable resolution). The screen is not nearly good enough resolution. Also, I am on Mac and have not really found a good and quick way of doing screenshots. (would like to know a trick)

I found this info (you can change the page according to what system version you have - for this example, I chose 12.0)


Thanks for the link. I was aware of the Cmd+Shift+5 method. But I find it hugely too cumbersome. I need several clicks/keypresses. Something like Greenshot on Windows is much much easier. I might just have to buy Greenshot for Mac.

However, this is a bit of a side-track. It is not screenshot functionality I am after. I would like to actually have a one-click export as PNG in Krita.

Anyone know if this is possible?

Have you already looked through the shortcut menu to see that you can make an export shortcut for yourself? You can set it to a single key but then you will have to choose png from the dropdown.

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Heya! I don’t believe there is a one-click method for what you want in Krita currently. I did make a thread detailing how such a feature would look and act though, so maybe give that a vote or mention if you’d like that considered for the program:


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