Quick Toggle Button to turn pressure off specific brush setting

So I have this Use/Dont use pressure button added to my toolbar. It had work well on my non textured brushes.

There is only one issue it turn off all pressure of the brush. Mostly I just want to toggle off Opacity or Size pressure separately.

Is there a way to get access to that checkbox in brush editor outside of the brush editor.
What do I need to call - if ever I want to access it by script.

[I’m thinking of doing it myself] - a docker with sets of button to turn on and off the pressure of off specific brush setting - quickly without opening the editor.


Love this idea !!
Something like PS ,but with more advanced options.
Most of the paintings experiments I make now ,I use Krita.
But I really miss this options,specially the opacity on/off option.
In the same way,I felt if there was any way to make assistant tool options ( 1point,2 point.3 point perspectives, the circles and others) available in separate small icons(on menubar) for faster access and use.
But surely I will eagerly wait to try out your version/take on the opacity/pressure toggle buttons :slight_smile: .

it can be turned on and off individually by the brush editor docker.

It’s just a pain to open it - and look for the option to uncheck to use it for a short period of time like that then toggle it again to activate the pressure by again opening the editor -looking for the option and checking it again. :woozy_face:

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Yes,absolutely right !
I have already started to feel more comfortable inside krita than photoshop and I am enjoying every momment of this,but sometime I miss these small shortcuts.
It’s not that Krita don’t have that option,but as you said if we could make the whole process faster by adding some direct options.
As I have zero knowledge in scripting,I also miss the ease of creating and using my custom actions inside krita ,like PS.
Maybe someday , there will be some easy way to create actions inside krita,for people like me :stuck_out_tongue: !!

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I really want this feature as well! :grin: It’s such a handy feature that I miss in Krita, a lot of usecases! Best thing about it is that it makes it so every brush feels like they have easy-to-access same size and opaque options


I never really use PS in any form of meaningful art so I can’t really/ I have no baseline.

Its a neat thing right? I come wanting because I have brushes that I like to use with either opacity off or size off - while still maintaining the other. with just the pressure off button everything of this pressure enabled setting gets turned off.

so to do what I want - i need to open the docker and in quick sketching/ painting its start to kind of getting in the way of your flow.

Open docker, click setting, uncheck, close docker. … then the other way again.

[so i guess I posted this because off built up frustration] :rofl:


I don’t know. I guess I am bad. I never felt the need to toggle pen pressure before. These requests puzzle me. Is it not easier to make a brush preset for that brush that needs to shift or you want to do this with every brush?

I have so many brushes already, that its hard to keep track of them. I actually have 3 same brushes with just different level of opacity. I have 2 almost same brush one with texture and another no texture. I have 2 pens with the only change is the curve of the pressure.
They kinda started filling up the right click menu that the purpose of quick switch gets derailed.
I also can’t remember [which is which sometimes/ alot of the time]

I know this request is a more ease of usability kind of thing that comes from very specific kind of work flow. Its hard to explain in where i use it but i do it often enough to notice it. More often than not - when im drawing i dont really like opening dockers and the brush editor is a big docker that i cant just dock in a corner like the quick setting or vector or color - without it eating screen real estate.

Like I said i might just do a plugin myself - if I get which specific function/action it is that I can call.

Im not comparing krita with any other software - because i dont have that much experience with any other drawing software, save old version of sai . Krita have been the software I use with most of artwork I have posted.

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Well on the API is surely not there, maybe like action but it surely turn off pressure for everything not just opacity or flow. You will probably have to hunt the option but I am not sure if you can find it if the brush window is closed. :sweat:

Yeah its gonna be a needle in haystack while i look without eyeglasses, and im still familiarizing myself with the codebase . I might look into AlansArtLog work with the Curve - figures that it might be in that neigborhood.

The pressure and opacity buttons in Photoshop are quite handy, not having to create multiple preset brushes with only one slight modification is very convenient workflow wise. Also, you don’t want to change brushes in multiple, just because you edited the base preset and need to have a pressure/ opacity on/ off. Surely, like the OP states, this could be solved with few buttons on the top toolbar.

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updating this to say that outside of my own plugin,

we know from the current dev updates and weekly meeting that there is an ongoing refactoring of the brush operations. as far as i understand this includes alot of things inside the brush editor too. hoping it open up to easier access of this sensor by API or a native way to do it.

I even made mock up icon design lol :joy: not svg just drawing was hoping to add them to my toggler plugin.

size → opacity → flow → softness
rotation → scatter → smudge overlay → color rate