Compact Brush Toggler

A couple of months ago I ask for a way to quick toggle individual brush property on/off

With help of some forum regular I manage to create something similar albeit in a not efficient approach. :sweat_smile:

It’s originally for just personal use, if anyone want to try - the plugin can be download here.

I can’t promise anything, it works for me…

Go to Tools->Scripts->Import Python Plugin from File

Select a brush,
Click on a button to toggle pressure on and off.



  • There are some issue, one is it occasionally toggle the eraser mode if it happens that the previous state toggled it on/off.
  • It also works by traversing QObjects till it get to BrushEditor then checking/unchecking checkboxes there. So not very efficient and somewhat hackish…
  • If you check/uncheck the brush property pressure of from BrushEditor it will not be reflected back to the docker until you switch brush.

you can check @TheTwo who is proposing for a tool that cover some of the function of this one similar


Awesome! I didn’t realize this had been released already! :open_mouth: Can’t wait to try it out, this will be super handy! :grin:

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