Quick wand tool and managing areas

Hello! Main question:
Is there a way to quickly invoke Contiguous Selection tool, like we can quickly use Color Selector tool by holding ctrl + left mouse button?

I came to this problem, when I had to switch quickly between pen and wand to fill many areas separately, so second question:

Let’s say I have a braid and I’d like to shade every, I’d call it bump, individually, but then fine-tune them in groups. Is there a better way to manage this than using contiguous selection? Possibly without layers bloat.

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In Krita under “Settings” >> “Configure Krita” in the two menus marked with the red “X” you can view the shortcuts and adjust them almost at will to your own needs.

Configure Krita, where to change shortcuts:


Thanks ^^ shortcuts are useful and I already have this selection tool under ‘W’. Though I’d like to invoke it by holding W instead of pressing it then pressing B to get back to Brush Tool.
I see option to set something like that for Line Tool and Color Selector in Canvas Input Setting, but I have really no idea how to set it up for other tools.

You’ve said for other tools. Do you want to assign shortcuts to tools that are not in the two “lists”, or are you not clear how to adapt the shortcuts available there to your needs?

The “Contiguous Selection tool” mentioned in your first post can be found at the bottom of “Tools” >> “Tool Shortcuts” please click on it and then click on “Custom” and then click on “Input”, when you have done that you press the keys you want to define for the shortcut and confirm this with “OK”. If you have already assigned a shortcut, you will be asked if you want to overwrite the existing one.

If you want to assign something that doesn’t exist there, then you either have to write a small script yourself that calls this function, or hope that someone will create the necessary ACTION file for you. I am not sure that I am able to do this. It might work, but it’s not very likely :wink:

I’m not sure if I understood you correctly, English is not my native language, if this was the wrong answer, please ask again.

Contiguous Selection Tool-Shortcut


Oops, I missed that: “Though I’d like to invoke it by holding W instead of pressing it then pressing B to get back to Brush Tool”, sorry. Unfortunately, as far as I know, this is not possible in Krita, this might be inconvenient if you switch to Krita from another software, but you will have to get used to it, at least if you want to enjoy the benefits of Krita :wink: hehe

But I think a switch to Krita is worth it, even if you always find a tool that is only available with software XY, you will find tools here that are not available with others.
But here you have the chance (NOT the certainty), with a well-founded “feature request”, in which you describe your desire exactly and justify, to get your desired function EVENTUALLY nevertheless.

For this, this idea must be technically feasible, and the idea must find enough advocates, supporters. If all this is true and the developers have the time and can realize it, implement it, then you can eventually be happy about YOUR FEATURE in Krita. But the road named wish list is long, currently there are (I think) over 400 wishes. That means the better your description is, and the more supporters it finds, the faster your wish will reach one of the front places. Just a guarantee that others will wish for your feature as much as you do doesn’t exist, so please don’t fret, that’s life.


Have you tried using the Colorize Mask instead? That would probably cut your time down spent on the coloring a lot.

Also for filling, the Fill Tool should be enough, why would you use the selection first? (I still recommend checking the Colorize Mask first, but even if you didn’t know it existed, as usual with newcommers since it’s mostly a unique feature, Fill Tool is kind of more traditional and should work just fine in his situation).

I know this is not an answer to the question you asked, but you are tired of doing the same thing over and over and the features above could help with that (by doing stuff more automatically), just in a different way you expected.

There is a simple way to ‘group’ those ‘bumps’ without layers bloat.
Let’s call them ‘sets’ to avoid calling them groups.

If you use the Fill Tool on a new paint layer and fill each bump of a set, Set-A, with any colour you like.
Then make another new paint layer and fill each bump of Set-B with any colour you like.

For each Set-layer, you can then lock its alpha and put paint on it in any way you like.

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Thanks for replies!

Actually this got me thinking and after getting a quick glance at code, I saw that this function is already implemented! It’s not in the stable release though Add more tool invocation actions (!693) · Merge requests · Graphics / Krita · GitLab It’s working great! But it seems that concept of invocation could use some reworking? I think I’m not competent enough to delve into that though.
Thankfully while waiting for it getting into stable release I can use this nice plugin Temporary tool switching
(btw. not counting good ol’ MS Paint, Krita is my first painting software, so my way around it can be sometimes ridiculous)

These are great ideas and tools! I kinda work like that. Use Colorize Mask to split image into different areas with abstract colors, by this you have all sets in one layer. Then I use this layer as mask for color/contiguous selection so I can quickly color, paint, shade etc. in any combination of sets I want.
Idk. If I’m not overengineering it though :sweat_smile:

So thanks for ideas! I think that the problem is resolved by this.

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Try Layer → Split → Split Layer, it has two options, one just makes multiple layers (which you can make “alpha locked” to avoid using the selection tools - R+click shortcut will be handy to find the correct layer), the other makes local selections (selection masks) and you can activate the mask you want to use in the Layers docker. The local selections options take a bit less memory but it might not be worth it if you find separate layers more convenient.

Yes, but it’s a huge project…

Didn’t know about splitting into selection layers or R+clicking. I definitely have to try it out!

Thought so :stuck_out_tongue: Thankfully we have good enough workarounds for the time being.

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