Real Color Mixing


Is there anything like real color mixing in Krita?

For example this is from Artrage:

Painting brushes in Krita don’t seem to blend colors (for example: yellow and blue turn green, blue and red turn violet).

Am I missing something?

Thank you very much for any replies!

You are using the terms a bit arbitrarily, so I’m not entirely certain what you mean in particular.
Color blending is necessary for any operation that creates mixtures of different colors and of course Krita does that. But I think what you’re asking is if Krita can make the blending behave much more like real color pigment. Unfortunately no, that’s currently not really possible, it would require a more complex spectral sampling absorbance / reflectance color model. That was discussed in this thread here:

Despite the title, working in the CMYK color model (which is already in Krita) is not enough. One of the MyPaint developers, Brien Dieterle, explains in detail how they do it in their application. There is a comparison in post number 7, spectral blending in the second image.

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@SPAC5R means something like that (see the top right table), brush engine that calculates and implements HUE changing while mixing.
And @Brien_Dieterle in the topic above gave good example CMYK Color Blending Mode


Sorry. Real Color Mixing is an option in Artrage that can be turned on and off. I was looking at Smudge and Paint brushes in Krita and noticed that they basically just push pixels around and not really mix them (no offense). For example if I take blue and yellow with a painterly brush, they don’t get mixed into green. I know there is a sort of workaround by playing with the opacity.

Here’s an example from Artrage:

Krita is a great program for digital painting and it has some of the best digital brushes. I understand there are some programs that aim at recreating the experience of using real paint mediums. I was just wondering if something like that is included in Krita as well and I was missing an option or so to turn on.

Sorry, I am not using MyPaint, know nothing about it.

Hm, hey that looks interesting as well, Thanks for the link!