Recomend me a texture bundle/brush pack

Can some one recommend me a good texture bundle (really need textures)

Have you tried Ramons chalk brushes?

Or this:

. If you want more gradients but don’t know where to get them, You can get a bunch from the resources folder on gimp, witch has a lot of good default ones. same with textures

Or there is another brush pack available but for the life of me can’t remember how to spell his moniker but it is like worj (god I’m sorry to him, his art is great) so maybe someone else can aim you at his pack.

Do you mean this one?


I might have misunderstood you. Did you mean just textures to apply to the image? Because of the way I use the brushes I think of them as textures and there are a very great amount included in the Krita brush engine. When you change a brush in Krita you can pick which texture to use. If you are talking about just textures there are many resources on the internet for them like Pexels.