Reminder : Memory management in Krita 5 now

Greetings to the Devs.
It’s been so many years since this project has started. I know. You did
incredible effort to develop this amazing software which is Krita. I pray God bless you and the people who contributed and keep contributing to this project.
We’d like to remind about a very essential feature which is manual memory cleanup in one click, be it the cached RAM memory, or undo history states. Krita has none of that right now.
since Krita 4 is feature-freeze, it probably is now, please don’t forget to include that with the first stable version of Krita 5.
Thank you for your hard work.
It will be all.

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I don’t see why this is essential and don’t know any painting app that has this capability. I use Krita for many years and never once had the need or the urge to ‘clear’ the memory.



I already did some tests about memory here
In synthesis:

  • There’s some memory leak but clearly, seeing amount of lost memory (~120 to 130KB in a session), we can consider that is nothing
  • Memory management in C/C++ is defined by malloc() and free() functions and even if software free allocated memory when it don’t need it anymore, it doesn’t mean that memory will be given back to OS
    All technical explanation are provided in links in given post link

And concerning how to free current history state, it’s possible and I already provided explanation in forum, but I’m too lazy to search it today :slight_smile:


The linked topic here has some useful and interesting information:
RAM vs status bar

Summary: It’s difficult to figure out what’s happening to RAM.

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Right. I too see 0, or even minus need for this stuff. What novames is describing is the memory management, which basically already is being done automatically in every programs including krita to my knowledge. Why in earth do users have to do it manually;

I wouldn’t even call this a ‘capability’, this is just a regression in my opinion.

A dude dared call this a regression.
What a joke ! What if you have a long session of work and need to erase both cache and undo states to save some space in your RAM ?

It’s impossible to do it in one click brother.
I have been specific about this.
Understand, please ?

How little RAM do you have? I think that’s probably the issue. If your undo stack pulls too much RAM you can limit how much space it takes in the Krita settings. But in my experience that is so little compared to what the actual project file takes.

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Yeah in that case the program should do it for you. (Which it already does, and devs keep optimizing this management.)

If you personally want to be forced to press memory button regularly so bad while you’re working that’s fine, but we don’t want that shit.

Yes I understand you’re just more lazy than me!

If doing 3 click is too much for you, I can’t do anything, sorry :slight_smile:

Note: I’m not your brother… or my parent hide me things…? :thinking:


Exactly, I’m lazy to restart Krita over and over and possibly lose the progress in the work I did.
Right here, right now, my saving progress has literally been stuck at 60 % for over 20 minutes now and it won’t move at all.
If I dare cancel it, it will be useless because all saves operations are not properly executed whenever this happens.
Sorry, but, I need to have in addition to what Krita already does, the possibility to purge my memory to some extent at the very least.
And this without necessarily having to restart the app or close/reopen my file.
May the devs read this, because that, really isn’t fine.

I only have 10 GB of RAM.
And Krita is set to use 2048 MiB of RAM.
Undo is set to use 732 MiB of RAM.
Swap is about 8 GiB.

Who talk about restarting Krita? I never said that krita has to be restarted to clear history stack…
I just said I was lazy to search in forum topic where I provide explanation to clear history…

Not sure you understand how memory is managed, and how history is managed too…
And you might not take time to read links I gave about how memory is managed… :man_shrugging:


I had no memory problem like that since I was using krita on my ancient 8G PC, that’s weird.

Well, nobody says that having this option as an addition, forces everyone to click on the option everytime. Krita can continues to purge memory the way it does whenever a document is closed.
Or simply purges the undo stack without having you to close/reopen your doc file.

So, what exactly do you want me to understand/know after reading the links ?

No because it means starting to leave that burden to the users. I’ve seen no painting program adopted this concept and it should never be adopted in the first place. At its best what Krita needs is more optimizations, not going to the sideway like that.

And I honestly suggest you to simply get more ram if your painting is crazy big for your spec or usage. Otherwise you’re not gonna benefit from ‘memory button’ either because as grum said the optimization is quite good already. -_- Which means: there shouldn’t be much of junk memory left to be cleaned in your ram anyway when you press it. If you experience any ram problem, it simply means that either your ram is too small or your work is too big.

When you have 10 GB of RAM why not allowing Krita to take 8 of them instead of just two. When your project gets bigger in resolution and layers it will take up more memory there is no way around it. I don’t know a way to edit an image without actually loading it. You cannot simply choose to unload parts of it.

Alright, alright.
Thinking about it a bit, I can understand that the memory you set for your undo stack, if it’s 720 MiB, won’t be cleared in the sense that it would free the RAM, but rather reinitialize the memory allocated for my undo stack. It is part of what I’m asking to do in one click, but, 2 clicks and closing/reopening my file may be fine for this.
However, clearing the video cache if Krita has that, could allow the app to speed up a little as you work. I am basing myself on Photoshop and know nothing about serious memory management.
Also, maybe my real issue is just the instability of the save system.

Because of multitasking. Especially with many tabs in a browser(about 10)
and another program open to look at a series of image references to help yourself as you work.
If Krita never crashed despite the little 2048 MB of memory allocated, my browser did, many times.
So I want to use as little RAM as I possibly can.