Ribbon Brush

Ribbon brush is one of the main brushes of CSP. It can not only create special effects suitable for comics and illustrations, but also create realistic brush strokes. But I didn’t see anyone discussing it. Is there any research or development about it?


I shook the mouse vigorously to experiment. I think it cuts the brushtip into small pieces (from top to bottom) and then connects them with minimal spacing. Finally, csp has something like “correction”, which is very similar to krita’s Freehand path tool to prevent its distortion.

E1 I’m thinking of a parameter called “cut”. It will cut the brushtip according to the spacing. if the spacing is big, it will cut it into bigger pieces. if the spacing is small, it will cut it into smaller pieces. If the spacing is greater than the height of the brushtip, it will not cut it. This way, we can leave the other values untouched.

Ha yes, that’s the technique I used back in 2015 to make an experimental “nyan cat brush” ( at 7:55 on this old video )

Fun, but yes: spacing issue in the corners and difficult to create and set correctly.


I made an experimental brush last year where I chopped up a long brushstroke (from a photo) into overlapping sections, then layered them to create an RGBA .gih animated tip. The result was quite good - allowing a continual looped textured stroke. I had problems with fanning corners when sweeping the stroke, but I think that could be mitigated with some improvements.

I haven’t gone back and made any more though as it’s very time consuming and I decided there are better ways to make complex textured strokes.

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Interesting, I didn’t know that krita supported animation brushes so early

Even if it has a quick method, it can only put together one pattern. If there are multiple patterns, “random” will disrupt it.

I tried to create a ribbon brush but the corners were distorted. I hope a feature like this will be added in the future.

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That is probably the only thing I know only CSP does, or at least as simple as it works. It’s got great potential for truly random/realistic brush behavior since I mostly make use of a few randomized ink samples.

I didn’t want to ask the devs about this yet, because I know they have so much work to do and don’t want to bring more trouble right now. :smiley:

These are all each one stroke.