Rigging tools

Hi,it would be great if krita could have bone tools and rigging tools because krita would be much more effeciant for my workflow also it would be great if you could diirectly import videos for refencing.

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As far as I know, Krita targets traditional style of animation, there are feature request for tweens and some work was done for tweens for transparency etc. but i don’t think Adding rigging and bones is in the roadmap as of today.

thanks, will there be camera rigs so that the animation will be easier when changing scenes.

This topic will probably be of interest to you:

If you need bones and rigging then you could have a look at Synfig Studio. There are YouTube videos about it of course.

You can import .mp4 videos using a plugin called Animator Video Reference which will import the frames of an .mp4 file.
This was developed by Scott Petrovic - (known as scottyp here) and can be downloaded from https://github.com/scottpetrovic/animator-video-reference
Instructions/explanations and a url to a YouTube video are included in the download.

If you do import a .mp4 video, every frame becomes a fully painted keyframe so expect to need lots of RAM to store it all.

thanks but the arnica dosent answer my qustion of camera rigs

There is no “camera rigs” I know of. If you mean camera movement or motion tweening, there will be features helpful with that. But you need to wait quite a bit for that.


Synfig is so bad… :cold_sweat:
But yeah some bones would be so cool I would just love it.


EyeOdin: It’s a pity, if you have to say that to a dedicated open source software, but I agree with you. I installed it two or three times over the last years to see if it had improved. But was never able to draw a nice line or a nice picture. Sad. (Other users may have different experiences, not every tool is good for every artist…)

2D Animation with Rigging:
I used Toonboom Studio a lot for vector animation. (No longer available, it’s Harmony now.)
Moho is okay for rigging 2d stuff, Cartoon Animator 4, too.
But they are not FOSS and not for free. (Look for former versions, maybe, if you’re on a budget.)

There is a nice Blender Addon, called COA Tools (= cutout animation tools).
There are some online tutorials which help you to get the hang on the tool. - Have a look:

If you want to stay with FOSS, maybe that’s the way to go! :wink:


Oh yeah I had tottally forgotten about that one. I am writing currently my own rigging addon for Blender and I have to check that addon too. Thanks.

I have seen some friends using Harmony I think and it looked pretty neat. I liked it when I saw it in motion.

I used Anime Studio Pro myself a while back but I think it pales in comparison with Blender even at the time.

But some little bones in Krita would go a long way to animate faster with pixels. exporting and rigging and then needing something more creates a really annoying workflow as it goes back and forth. I had projects die out because of Artist Tantrums over that need.

Yeah, you’re right.

On the other hand I have some fears of Krita becoming too bloated, if too many new features are to be incorporated. I don’t like programs which can do everything- but they are so complicated that you can’t find your way around.

Very curious about your planned Blender addon, though: Will it be for 3d rigging or 2d rigging, too?

Keep on blending - and kriting (or how is it called?) :smile:

Hey I just found a program called opentoonz its a bit confusing at first but if you take the time to learn it. its a great sofware especially when being used with krita

it will be a 3d Rigger. I don’t think 2D rigs are that problematic to require one since there is no gimbal lock, unless you have time constraints for a specific task. But I doubt it will be any better than those around currently. it is just so I dont messup and makes consistent rigs on my characters. it is currently called “Sal Rig”.

currently it is just dropping emptys on the scene that I will use to place the bones. I made some weird planes that stretch so I can see the plane of rotation of that limb. also it organizes everything in your collections according to the character name. it still has a long way to go to be anything.

Just curious why don’t use just use grease pencil for this? Isn’t it exactly what you are looking for? Vectors - checks, simple - checks, many ways to work with it, rigging pretty simple basically bones, you can even do the pins that AE does. It’s free and the license is passable too.

Or did I understand something wrong (I mean I highly doubt bones will come to Krita or at least not anytime soon considering there’s much more important stuff to do ;))?

if it was just me yeah that would work. But you need to consider that there is animation in Krita too regardless.

Yeah but that’s not what I was pointing too. You are already talking about use of other programs or creating possible plugins and whether these would work for 2d. I’m just curious why not straight use what Blender offers now considering all the things that were mentioned here are already there and working just fine. If anything vector animation in Blender has many special tools which other vector programs don’t have and these are pretty cool to use.

Krita has animation but it’s focused on bitmaps or more precisely the standard frame to frame animation. Without tweening you are going to have hard time implementing any bones into Krita, not just that there’s also vectors which still need more work but these are not what Krita is used for particularly for now.

Luckily the standard animation workflow is getting the rework and there were talks about some possible work in the future after that that might include vectors or so but that’s a thing of a future.

So as I said I’m not really saying whether rigging is ok or not in Krita, just expanding on the possibilities of different programs that were already suggested and asking if there’s a particular reason why grease pencil and its capabilities were not suggested. :wink:

I think you did not follow the conversation then.

I just spoke of my interest in such tools within Krita. This is a feature request thread after all.

And as I spoke before I am speaking about Pixels not Vectors, in the same manner AE bends things over.
Krita already has deformers like that working inside it that are very similar to bone constraints, they are just not set up for making animations fluently.

You keep speaking of the now (for some odd reason) what to use, I am speaking of something that could be because I see the potential already there.

Nah, I thinking we are missing each other here. I just reacted to your comment about the addon in Blender with a curious question why not use other core features already in. Nothing else ;-).

When it comes to Krita, yeah as i suggested above tweening and similar is what you are basically talking about when it comes to that “fluent animation”.

And again I’m really just curious about if why not really taking down the request and considering my previous post I was talking about future of Krita, not what is in Krita now, that could make this request possible.

Have a nice day guys :smiley:

Krita certainly has the space for being more animation-oriented. Curves are a great way of rigging. If the Krita team went this route, then it would also mean improvement with the vector toolset would improve as well.

Perhaps the Krita team should consider and a little bit of blenders curves but in their own way, the AnimAll addon handles curves really well and animating. There are plenty of sources to learn how to make Krita better vector animation toolset be amazing.

A camera is needed as well.

I’m not a fan of the current system.