Rigging tools

Hi,it would be great if krita could have bone tools and rigging tools because krita would be much more effeciant for my workflow also it would be great if you could diirectly import videos for refencing.

As far as I know, Krita targets traditional style of animation, there are feature request for tweens and some work was done for tweens for transparency etc. but i don’t think Adding rigging and bones is in the roadmap as of today.

thanks, will there be camera rigs so that the animation will be easier when changing scenes.

This topic will probably be of interest to you:

If you need bones and rigging then you could have a look at Synfig Studio. There are YouTube videos about it of course.

You can import .mp4 videos using a plugin called Animator Video Reference which will import the frames of an .mp4 file.
This was developed by Scott Petrovic - (known as scottyp here) and can be downloaded from https://github.com/scottpetrovic/animator-video-reference
Instructions/explanations and a url to a YouTube video are included in the download.

If you do import a .mp4 video, every frame becomes a fully painted keyframe so expect to need lots of RAM to store it all.

thanks but the arnica dosent answer my qustion of camera rigs

There is no “camera rigs” I know of. If you mean camera movement or motion tweening, there will be features helpful with that. But you need to wait quite a bit for that.

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