Feedback Wanted: Help Us Improve Krita's Animation Tools!

Hey there. I’m Emmet. For a couple of years now I’ve been involved to varying degrees in the development of Krita and I’m posting today to let everybody know that we’ve just started working on a new project for Krita in 2020 to bring our animation tools to the next level.

What is “Animation Next”?

Since the release of version 3.0, Krita has developed into a potent tool for traditional animation. While a solid groundwork has been laid, the next step for Krita should be to focus on addressing remaining issues and making necessary improvements to facilitate the animation workflow for learners, hobbyists and industry professionals alike.

That’s what this project is about—doing the remaining research, development and documentation needed to make sure that Krita is on the path to meeting the wants and needs of animators of all levels.

You can read more about the project, as well as follow our progress over on our public phabricator task.

What can we do to help?

One of the things that makes Krita different is our open development model. Our next steps are discussed, decided and developed in coordination with our community and, by extension, the digital art community at large. At any time, anybody can swing by to see what we’re working on and to contribute to the discussion about where Krita should go next. It’s what makes Krita, Krita!

And that’s where you come in! The first step in this project is to reach out to the community for feedback, critiques and guidance that will help us assess the strengths and weaknesses of our current animation toolset and plan the future improvements and features that animators want and need. Do you use Krita for animation and have ideas for how it could be better? Do you not use Krita for animation because you feel it’s missing specific functionality? Either way, we would love to hear from you!

:ballot_box: Please fill out this relatively short survey and let us know what you think about animating with Krita. Also, if you have any other comments or questions about animating with Krita just let me know in this thread, or stop by for a chat on #krita on freenode IRC.

As always, user support and feedback are a crucial part of what Krita is and what it will be in the future. So, Thank you!


taking this opportunity, I left in the questionnaire wishes about parallax tools, a virtual camera, and the multiplying addition of blank frames to the timeline


A virtual camera. Totally needed!


V-Cam please! Krita is an amazing animation programm. With a v-cam it will just be up there with the big ones.


Thanks for the feedback everybody and keep it coming if you think of anything else! It’ll all go into our list of things to research.


Hey there, its really awesome that development team can put additional effort to enhance animation tools. I think its great moment.
These are few points, things that in my opinion can improve Krita in terms of animating:

  • default shortcuts for animation tools, I know we can make our own but default system should be mounted, here are some proposals
    spacebar - play stop animation (edit: ah! spacebar is reserved for pan tool - so maybe alt+A like in old version of Blender its strange on first view but in fact its very handy)
    shift+A - add animation keyframe
    shift+R - add animation keyframe to the right
    shift+D - duplicate keyframe
    alt+D or shift+H - add hold frame
    rigth and left arrows for next previous keyframe
    “,” and “.” which has “<” and “>” on keyboard over it - for next and previous frame
    also if its possible in animation docker context DELETE key should remove what is selected - keyframe or hold frame (remove frame and pull funtionality) or group of frames

  • click and drag MMB could be a Pan Tool for the timeline - this can give faster navigation than just scrollbars

  • obraz this part of GUI can be higher - icons are too small and maybe time ruler can be bit bigger (with header indicator like in other animation software ?) also functionality of bookmarks-markers-notes could be helpful

  • these two icons of GUI obraz obraz
    could be somehow closer in design- maybe the same idea of bulb - this will help in first contact with animation tools

  • “convert selected frames into keyframes” feature

  • "copy layer with empty keyframes - keeping timing structure " feature

  • “grouping frames into reusable loops” feature

  • and two other things which you are working on already (which is great): selecting frame should select layer (which works for RMB) and horizontal version of animation docker



@Pesi: A set of additional default shortcuts for animation would be a nice idea. The only small problem I can think of is that some people may have used your suggestions for their own shortcuts. If so they may have to do a bit of remapping but I don’t know if personal shortcuts would be superceded by a new set of default shortcuts.

The two icons associated with onion skins have very different purposes. The first being to adjust the properties of onion skins themselves, hence ‘onion skins’, and the second being to turn on the imaginary lightbulb under the surface of the imaginary animation workdesk. As such, they both seem appropriate.

We can all hope that your suggestions are incorporated in some form someday.


(I do not speak English, this is translated from Spanish to English with google translator) … Hello, I love animation, and I have practiced some animation with krita and it is really great, I see a lot of potential there, what I would like to see soon is:

  • An improvement in the selection of the frames: when I select several frames and I try to move them together, only one moves and not all, sometimes there are conflicts in moving the frames with the arrows or moving with the arrows with the move tool.
  • I have had difficulty copying with the selection tool and pasting what I copy to a different frame. If this is improved it would help a lot.
  • It would be great if they added a function to merge multiple frames into a single frame.

Now I would like to see in the future things like the ones I am going to suggest:

  • I would like to be able to move a frame from one layer to another without copying and pasting, something like selecting all the frames I like and passing them all to a single layer by dragging with the mouse.
  • I would like to see a camera tool to do all the necessary camera movements.
  • I wish that the vectors could be animated and apply different types of effects that are animated.
  • I would like to add a panel of nodes to play even more with the different elements that can be animated in krita.
    -I wish that in the future we could add vectors to a path and move them freely using nodes.
  • It would be great if vectors simulated the effects of brushes that are made in bitmap.
  • I would like to see the possibility of animating all kinds of masks, both bitmap and vector.
  • It would be great to see tools for creating bones and making cut animations combined with traditional animation.
    For now those elements in the future would give an enhancement and a superior advance to the production of animation through krita, I think the future promises a lot, I hope to see all this and more, and I know they will achieve it because they are great and really amazing and smart… Thank you very much to Krita God bless you all !!!.

I agree with daroart37, the program already has an independent function for copying the animation frame. Is it possible to give this function full functionality for working with copying? That is, to combine its operation with the selection mask, as well as the ability to insert this buffer on top of an existing frame without replacing the frame?


I know that it is possible not to display the selected layers in the “Timeline” panel list, but
Someone would find it useful to be able to pin the “layer” to the top position on the “Timeline” panel? So that the pinned layer can ignore the vertical scrolling of the Timeline panel? Or will it interfere with your work?


Here are a few of my wishes:

  • Tweening, both Raster and Vector.

  • Vector Animation

  • Virtual camera

  • A tab extending above the current frame for fast frame scrubbing (Sometimes i grab the docker and others i highlight multiple frames).

  • A view of the audio wave in the timeline to animate to (would make lip sync and animating to music much easier if you can see where the sound peaks).

  • Fix issues with layer styles ( such as colour overlay) when using playback.




That one you need to check on if it is already reported and if not, report it there.

For the rest, yes, we plan to do it too, but it’s a huge amount of work :slight_smile:


I appreciate your efforts; You are all doing such fantastic work!



Hey there!

First of all, thank you for your hard work, Krita is a good software already!

There are some feature recommendations, what I think it’s useful for animators. I’m an animation student and part-time employee in animation industry as well. There are a few features, what I miss, but other softwares already have. Those are significantly speed up the workflow. Some of them are already mentioned. If my recommendations not understandable, please let me know. (English isn’t my mother tongue) I readily help the developer team! Thank you!

Show current layer only

It would be great if you use lot’s of layers, and you want to focus just one for a time period. Then you can use a shortcut to “toggle” on\off show current layer only.

Loop tool

When you create a loop animation for a basic example ‘boiled’ lines, would be great to have this timeline feature. Right click on a frame – use Loop Tool – you can add a frame number where the loop should begin, and choose the method of playing the loop frames (repeat, random, ping-pong).

Copy\Paste selection to frame

You can copy paste selections to a new layer only in current version of Krita. It would be great if you can copy paste selections from a frame to an other and the software don’t make a layer for the selection to paste in.

Duplicate layer with empty keyframes but keeping the timing structure

It would be helpful, if you want to separate the line-work, and colors etc. on different layers.

Clone layer with layer timing data

It would be similar to the Duplicate layer with empty frames but keeping the timing structure feature, but it would be dynamic. If you change the source layer’s timing, then the clone layers would do the same.

Audio wave view with “step audio play”

It would be great, if you can make lipsync with this feature. You could stepping on timeline with arrows, and Krita could play just a tiny period of the audio. You could hear the current sound ( for example a E sound) on the current frame.

Project view

It would be great, if there was a view port, where you can see several document files’s animations in once, and you could put in order the document files like sequences in a project. It should help timing the sequences.

Select frames on the right\left

It would be helpful, if you could select a keyframe and then there were a right click select to right and left options.

Bookmark keyframes

You could mark selected keyframes and jump back and forth to check those frames.


There’s already a “Show current layer only”. On the shortcuts, search for ‘isolate layer’.

I think the “Loop Tool”, the “Duplicate layer with empty keyframes but keeping the timing structure” and the “Bookmark Keyframes” would be great!

I would also add:

  • a better/streamlined timeline (without the need to have the ‘timeline’ and the ‘animation’ on separate dockers). There’s already a topic about it: About animation related dockers
  • Horizontal Zoom Timeline Shortcut (instead of having to click on those tiny icons)
  • Create automatic keyframes when starting to draw on any frame (instead of always having to create a new keyframe before drawing)
  • Finally, an Animation Timing Chart Assistant, for automating the process: Animation Timing Chart Assistant

Thanks for listening and keep up the excellent work!


am I correct in my understanding that this is what this is about?

and 032?

Yes, having a shortcut to drag (zoom in/out) the timeline instead of dragging those icons.

And, yes, I know about the automatic keyframe feature, but it doesn’t give us a clean frame, you have to press esc to clear the frame, which is the same as pressing a key to create a keyframe. IMHO, it would be better if you didn’t have to press any key.

well I answered the survey. and as asked if I have the magical powers to make a feature happen it would be two:

  • easier to make subtitles in order to make storyboards. like make a text object and key frame it somehow. so you could adjust it along with the images.
  • a Smaller Animation Docker UI please. look at this…

    even with ones layer I still cannot scale this down unless I separate the play button from the timeline, which would only add volume somewhere else in the same way). I measured it and I go from 3840x2160 screen size to only have 3228x1392 workable space. that means I got reduced in 84%x64%. this is really low percentage of work screen and really simple to correct. if you compare it with blender as an example:

    it is this big and you can still make it even smaller. I am on a 4k monitor and people with smaller monitors (like I was not so long ago) could not work on animation properly because much of my screen was fulll of giant buttons DX the buttons should be there but they should NEVER be the focus.

But this Giant Buttons is systematic all throughout Krita. I wish it could not be so, but the animation docker is really one of the “biggest” culprits to it.


Hi, I’d love to see as there is already new frame toggle feature in (which just copies the previous frame) to have the same functionality which creates a blank frame if there’s no frame at the active position when you start drawing, it would make so much sense (you can check how this works in blender grease pencil if needed) to have it ;-).

I’m not sure if this thread is still alive though xD.

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Oh no, it appears I’ve missed out on this thread as well :cry:

Krita already has this functionality. Space + RMB and drag in the timeline to zoom.

I believe another important feature would be a toggle in the Timeline Docker which allows the user to change the unit of measure from frames to seconds, or perhaps include it as an overlay once the user zooms out to a certain level within the timeline. This would aid in syncing animation to audio files such as music, and help with timing of shots to more accessible second intervals.

Another small fix would be to change the entering of values in the Animation Docker. Currently you type in a number, press enter and the whole entry is highlighted for some reason. You can’t even click out of the box within the docker to confirm the entry. This forces you to click in either the Timeline, or elsewhere to confirm, making the whole process inefficient. I’ve had many times where I went through this, wrongly typed in a hotkey with the entry still selected, and ended up jamming the animation playback until I fixed the values again. Just having enter, or a click outside the box in the docker to confirm would be awesome.

I appreciate the efforts to update Krita’s animation capabilities, and I’m glad to assist in any way! (Late as I am)

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