Right way of recording timelapse

Well I’ve been recording my speedarts using OBS, but it records a lot of zooming in and out during the drawing process. I would like to know if there is any easier way to do it, like in ibis paint or any other painting software where it records everything on a stable canvas. YouTube videos I’ve seen on the topic are not satisfactory at all. Any suggestions!??

Krita version 5.0 beta has the function to record the timelapse.

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Yes, in Krita 5 this will be nicely solved.
But currently using it would require painting in unstable version of Krita, and the best solution for now is to record it with OBS using this trick:


You can open the same image in a second view in a new window. All your drawing will be visible in the second view but panning and zooming also tool invocations will only be visible in your work view. Then you can set obs to just record the second view.

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