Some ideas for shape engine improvements

I have some simple ideas that imo would make the shape engine more versatile, so I figured I’d pitch them here:

  1. Support for basic hue, saturation and value modifiers. It could work the way fuzzy stroke functions for other engines right now, randomizing each new stroke within specified parameters, or it could be mapped to initial tilt, so one can shift colors toward cooler and warmer tones in a controlled manner between strokes.
  2. A hybrid of the simple color lay-in and the pattern options the shape engine already has. Decide what goes on top of what, and fine-tune the relative opacity (say, a 10% pattern fill on top of a 100% color lay-in).
    An option to have the brush pattern correspond to the global pattern, so that you don’t have to go into the brush options every time you want to switch to a different texture, would also be useful.
  3. I’m not sure if this one is technically feasible, but a slider that allows you to change the softness of the edges the brush creates.

Basically, if the engine can produce results that feel less digital, it becomes more useful for flat underpaintings that will in some part remain visible at the end of your process, and for situations where you want to create a simple illustration quickly.


Hi, I think that is a great idea. Maybe we can share crazy ideas to improve the tools a bit more I stay tuned with your progress. Any visual idea?

Cool, good luck with those requests.
Maybe it’s a good time to bump my request for shape engine, I did some time ago :wink:

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