Specific Color Selector - color preview idea


The idea is this : To add a color preview box to the Specific Color Selector docker (Like this) :
Specifid Color Selector preview

I feel that having a preview localized close to the sliders would make it easier to visualize the color that is being chosen. It also makes making adjustments easier, because the artist’s eyes don’t need to constantly travel back and forth to another docker to check the color.

As it is, the Specific Color Selector feels hard to use as a stand-alone docker, like a supplement to the Advanced Color Selector rather than an alternative.


I agree with this also.

So much so that I made the foreground colour panel (fgc) for pigmento so you can have it up to display the currently selected colour closer to your using krita docker. It is resizable.

This is a bit sintomatic on all dockers sadly. But I do like the specific colour selector a big deal.

I added this to my list here: Beginner coding tasks in Krita: easy and short feature requests, ready to implement :slight_smile: