[Testing Needed] New brush texture modes

Ok, sorry I got that wrong.

I tested them all through with your build and tried to understand it best I could. In all cases I support what your feeling is, your Krita way/version looks better to me.

Hmm… with PS’s in most cases you have to use opacity/flow pressure along with textures modes to achieve value transition. If both+depth set to maximum variety it gives interesting effect – sort of mixture of pure digitalizm transiting into ‘traditional’-like texturing. Still, now in Krita you can use opacity/flow too and it also gives some interesting effects, question is how it may differs with options you talking about in practice. Now I can’t fully test recreation the brushes from PS bcs of boundaries of prealpha version, but I can achieve some of feelings I seek after.

It is hard to answer to you without comparison in the practice. Could you add second option to single mode from heights? Anyway I always for more options that allows diversity in brushworking.

So if the way strength depth applied varies from mode to mode(which means evey mode have its own way of it) and if other programs are handling it that way too, it would be nice to just make it so that ‘those modes designed to mimic PS’ have that PS way of strength depth and be done with it.

I’m sure it will open up more possibilities if you implement the switching option for every modes, but I think those possibilities will be able to be just enoughly altered by other modes even without switching it. IF you implement Texture Per Stroke first of course. :blush:

Just my opinion.

been following the developments of this topic from the first request to implement the elusive ‘height’ mode with a lot of excitement. its been a very interesting development and im very proud of everyone who contributed! fantastic work! ive been playing around with the test builds and its safe to say that a lot of new power comes with these new blending modes. it will be very interesting to check out new brush packs for krita 5 :smiley:

how feasible is it to add a ‘applies to’ drop-down box under the ‘strength’ settings that allows you to choose? so you could choose between ‘texture (photoshop)’, ‘dab’ or ‘stroke’.

Now pretty much the hard work is done, adding this option to select krita-way/ps-way shouldn’t be much work. I didn’t include this before because it seemed too much and chose the way they are in the test package because people seemed to like it better and because there is a parallelism with the height modes (the strength modifies the brush tip). But now I think that if only the this way is present it is only a matter of time that people start requesting the ps-way, so maybe it’s better to just add the option.

I think that now that people tried this test package there would be someone who would complain if I change the mechanism to ps-way only. It is not much work to add the two options right now and as @I9S said it’s hard to give opinion without trying both, most people would only be able to compare both ways if they both are present.
The “texture per stroke” is more work because I have to study that part of the code yet.

It shouldn’t be much work, They should be separate options, one for choosing how the strength is applied and another one to choose between texturing per dab or per stroke.


If your concern is that people would request more, I don’t really think so because as I said, pretty much all the variations possible should be able to be achieved once this system is done with :

1 some brush modes using PS ways(preferably those which designed to mimic thier exact PS counterparts anyway)
2 having both texture per Tips/Storke avaliable.

I’m not sure any further complication than that is actually needed to make something new.

Thinking conversely, don’t you think it’s also ok to wait a little to see if your concern is really the case if adding the switch is not much of a work though?

(Edit: Maybe I think this way because I feel that many modes pretty much does the same thing in actual usage, but opinions on this may vary.)

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If in your understanding it isn’t much work then I would like to see how the ps-way look. It would be reasonable to assume most people will only know what this entails until they use it.
Also, it is a good opportunity to see if the users would find the extra option too confusing or if it cluster the UI. Personally I’m all aboard of giving the users more tool customization while creating.

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I wanted to see how Krita and Photoshop handled their strength/depth sliders differently. I did this with the multipy texture mode and all pen pressure settings disabled. In Krita, as the strength goes down while a texture is applied, the brush starts to disappear. In photoshop, when the texture goes down while a texture is applied, the brush gets darker and darker. Even with the depth is at 0%, the brush can still be seen.

This matches the explanation @C2CL wrote about how Krita and PS applies texture density/depth differently compared to krita.

I think this would be a useful feature to be able to optionally use Krita’s strength/texture density setting in “PS Mode”. I would also really like a lot to be able to apply textures in “stroke per tip” mode. If it’s possible. I’m extremely grateful and feel lucky that more texturing modes were even added in the first place! :relaxed: These new texturing modes just add so many more possibilities for making brushes.

But if there was a “stroke per tip” mode added. I think it would be easier for me to create marker/copic brushes that look like

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A lot of these marker brushes have a texture that looks that realistic because the texture is applied to the whole stroke.

I agree that if the rest of these proposed features were added, that would achieve pretty much all the functionality that could be possible with the textures.


I finally found the time to test a little. All looks good to me, except I got a segfault when trying to create a new document. I was able to test by opening an existing .kra file though.

The new “Hard mix softer” mode looks nice. After quick testing, I think I would find myself using:

  • Hard Mix
  • Hard Mix softer
  • Height
  • Linear Height.

I’m not going to say those are all we should have, but there’s probably some room for pruning in the list. Particularly the dodge / burn modes don’t seem to provide much that you couldn’t get with the above. Then again, I’m only looking at this from the point of view of how I paint, it’s entirely possible there are uses for them I haven’t figured out.

IMO the only reason to have the Photoshop height modes would be compatibility. Otherwise I think the new height modes are better because the algorithm outputs values that fit better in the useable range. For the PS modes, I’d just always have to set the depth to around 10% before adjusting the curves, which just seems like an extra hurdle. I wonder what the reasoning behind the PS algo is.

This is my concern too though… Generally I believe that less elements is better. One of the reason I wanted Texture per Stroke is because that ‘option switch’ also exist in common in other popular painting programs.

Ok, I’ll leave this mr as it is and see in the future if there is need for that ps way of applying the texture.

The reason I included all those modes is because the code is shared now with the masking brush which uses them, so I thought someone could find them useful.


I’m not against adding new modes that use ps way or making preexisting modes that way though(in fact it would be nice to have 1 or 2). What I’m worried is making more new options applies to every brushes.

I just repeat myself but…
In current case more modes are better. It is like preexisted presets. Yes , 2 or 3 modes with other options of brush building may cover others too. Still brush creating and tweaking in Krita have some serious issues:

  1. If you have texture higher 800px all sliders and curves became low response and laggy.
  2. Curves in the Krita have non-intuitive behavior. In pair with №1 it becomes really uncomfortable
  3. On my 13 inch Cintiq’s display every lightest wrong movement or incorrect one-millimetеr clicking in curves makes harshing results. Sadly, there is no undo for this operations.
  4. You need tweak minimum couple curves to achieve more variations with 2 modes. So sum this to №2 and №3 and after all it getting closer to frontier with nightmare.

Again, more modes allow to make brush variations a lot faster escaping most of troubles from above.


Ok, the new modes got merged.


@Deif_Lou I noticed you adjusted the color dodge/burn mode. I did changed those a while ago to solve the problem of discontinuity found by having a horizontal gradient layer and vertical gradient layer. Do these show up when using layers?

I added a new check for the case where both the numerator and the denominator are 0, needed to fix this bug. Then I also added some checks for floating point modes. The other cases should behave the same as before.
If you specify how to look for those discontinuities I can check.

  1. Create a layer with gradient from 0-1 either vertically or horizontally.
  2. Create a new layer with gradient from 0-1 into the other orientation. So, they’re both perpendicular.
  3. Set to Burn/Dodge for testing.

Note: The image should be 256x256.

Yes that I know, but I meant what kind of discontinuities should I look for. Are they related to the division by 0?

What you see at the end values, so yes. Ideally, it should continue similar to areas that aren’t affected by that issue.

These are the gradient tests (left: color dodge; right: color burn). They seem to reflect what the formulas should do:
I give a detailed explanation of the changes in the merge request.

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