THIS...(graphic design) :V

What I wish krita was able to do…
Because, using another software for it and coming back to Krita again, would be more of a hassle.

An alternative of course is to have an arcane art brush set ready in Krita.
Then you just paint and transform if needed for your comics or whatever project needs it.
Anyway. If you guys know a way to achieve exactly the same in Krita, please just tell me.
Now, if it’s impossible without using another software, then I guess it can’t be helped.

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Are these Arcane enough?



Which tools did you use?

The kind is exactly what I’m looking for. Have you made them entirely from scratch using only Krita ?

It’s really not difficult, it’s just a matter of using vector layers.

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@SchrodingerCat and @Michelist How did you get text along a curve using krita?

With Gimp since Krita doesn’t support text-to-path yet.

Yes, I’ll keep hoping and look forward to it.

Was curious to see if it was possible even if committing several war crimes in the process and YUP! Admittedly it consumes quite a bit of processing power to do it and it’s not perfect (although it could be made better with patience), but here it is

It’s using a transformation mask with mesh transform to bend everything into a circle

Here with a UV Map test texture thingie to show the effect (texture by ByValle under CC ShareAlike 4.0)


This is Google Translate.


Krita can use brushes to do similar , but it seems…


This is Google Translate.

You can use the Multibrush Tool to draw patterns。

@Eranthis_stellata I’ve just tried using a brush preset with a text brush tip then using the ellipse tool, but it doesn’t curve the text around a dragged out circular shape.
Can you explain in more detail how you did that?

@dendy Can you make that transform mask available via a share link to a .kra file?
I’d nornally use GIMP to fit text to a path but as a rectangular to circular transform, that looks very useful and interesting.

Dunno how I can share the mask directly, I think it will be better to share the whole .kra, hopefully that works for you



@dendy Thank you for the rapid response :slight_smile: The mask in some kind of .kra file is good. I’ll have a good look at this and play with it :slight_smile:

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@dendy Did you use a particular method to get the symmetry or were you very careful and very patient (or both)?

Just patience and being careful, yes. You can see it’s a bit wanky on certain parts, but hopefully that doesn’t show too much in the final result with text instead of the UV thing

That said, I didn’t do all the knobs and things, if you check the grid configuration it says 4 columns and 8 rows, I started with 2 columns and 1 row to get the general shape going, then increased the columns to 4 to get more control and finally the 8 rows magically fix some problems of deformation

So like, I did it by hand with no symmetry, but started simple and easy with the general symmetry done and went increasing the points

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@dendy It’s a wonderful result and I doubt if I’d have the patience to do that so thank you again. :+1:
This could be very useful to me for some hobby work I do with textures.
All I need to complete the ‘toolkit’ is the inverse transform mask so if you ever get around to doing that … :joy:

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You’re welcome! I just did it as a challenge, it was fun, so sure, use it away :3

What do you mean with the inverse transformation mask tho

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@dendy I mean a transform mask that would convert a circle/disk image to a rectangular image so that if one was applied and then the other was applied then the result would, ideally, be no change.