Thread focus on how to create Hair

frequenting this forum i found a few nice breakdowns on how to create hair. i also experimented and share some things i found works.

– A video demonstration how to use the Liquify transform tool to get this result:

Same video (two links): link1 ( |||| Link2 to forum post

youtube videos: Brushes for a sharper more clean look (for "anime" style) - #7 by kaichi1342

breakdown of @Feng 's process

This pack has two good hair brushes:. Zedig Brushes for Krita(2022 update) by Fizzyflower on DeviantArt

A brush thread where i posted some hair brushes: Some hair brushes

stay tuned i’ll post a way to make braids and some share brushes i like to use.


braid making process , will post soon:


I will add to this topic that replacing the color source with “darken depending on distance or time” will allow you to simulate shading at the roots for a short hair