Tips for spen action shortcut on samsung tablet

Hey for people who are using samsung tablet that have the spen air action gesture, you can use it for spen actions in the configure krita.

I heard that many people said it doesnt do anything but it does.

First of all go to ur own samsung setting (im using samsung tab s7+), go to:
advanced features
Air actions (turn it on)
See the turned off app below, you will see krita app in there, click to turn it on.

Go to Krita, see it working, dont forget any gesture need to be accompany with the click spen button while doing the gestures.

Additional tips:
For people who set the middle button click(spen button) as the pop up palette, can also use the 1 click on spen action for other thing.

So if you 1 click near and towards the screen, it will be a pop up palette, then 1 click away (not close to screen) will activates 1 click u set on the spen actions.

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