UI Redesign V0.2! Feedback and Test requested!

Brand new release of the UI Redesign plugin!

Hello there, and it’s exciting to open up a new thread for brand-new feedback! It’s been quite some time since the last version, and A LOT has changed! Bugs were fixed, features were added, and refactors were made!

Here’s how it’s looking so far:

And here’s how it’s looking by default using my custom theme for comparison:

Light Theme (disregard the dark background, the settings weren’t doing anything I’m afraid)

You can download the release here, with installation instructions on the READ.ME here.

There’s still a long way to go, but here is what’s on my checklist in order of priority:

  • Tabs are completly borked outside of the main canvas, such as in menus, or in the tool options itself;
  • Try to remove the ampersand bug (this one is going to take me quite a while most likely, as it will have to be in the source code itself);
  • Improve the dropdown buttons for the mirrors in the toolbar;
  • Whatever you guys deem to be important!

Now comes the time where I ask you guys for help! Please use the plugin and comment on this thread with feedback (visual feedback in particular is a godsend, as I literally use this for reference :smiley: ), as well as with any bugs or unexpected behaviour you come across.

I did say that I wanted to have a nice surprise for Christmas, hope you guys enjoy it, and a genuine thank you to every single person involved in this plugin!


That really is going to be tough because it happens in Qt itself, and even the adding of the & to the docker tabs is something that happens automatically in Qt, instead of leaving that to the application developer.


Hi, just a few questions in you don’t mind ;0.

Is it possible for the left toolbar to be collapsible to only one column instead of two?

Is there a way to remove those rounded dark borders around some buttons (new file, open file, choose workspace, …?

So far these were bugging my the most ;0


Yeah, I know what you mean with the buttons, but that makes the text buttons a lot less usable. I’ll try to work around that!

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Yeah, is that a bug in Qt itself?


oh my blob! i wil download now


To what I have seen of it it seems like a mark or tag I think and not a bug per say. Though it is annoying for sure. But I might be wrong with my interpretation of it.


From my understanding the ampersand is dynamically placed as a way of adding keyboard shortcut functionality. The problem is that the name of the tab itself is correct, but only the description inside the widget has that ampersand. Maybe it’s because the name of the window is fetching from the tab itself?

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Yes the ampersand are placed before the letters which correspond with the Alt keyboard shortcuts. The letters get underlined when press and hold Alt and when you press the corresponding letter the actions get executed.

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The functionality is useful for sure, but it’s quite annoying that the description contains that ampersand. I’ll look into it later today, I have an idea, but I have to test it out to see if it could work.

yes of course the ampersand should not be visible to user :slight_smile:

Ok, so I’ve been looking into it, and the problem is how Qt sets the window titles. If I run this script in the Scripter, the ampersands are removed, but the ability to use shortcuts is removed. This would be a cool solution for people who don’t necessarily use this feature, but still are annoyed with this bug.

from krita import Krita
from PyQt5.QtWidgets import QDockWidget

def walk(q_obj):
stack = [(q_obj, 0)]
while stack:
cursor, depth = stack.pop(-1)
yield cursor, depth
stack.extend((c, depth + 1) for c in cursor.children())

app = Krita.instance()
q_win = app.activeWindow().qwindow()
#q_win = app.activeWindow().qwindow().findChild(QDockWidget, “OverviewDocker”)

for w, d in walk(q_win):
indent = d * " "
type_name = type(w).name
obj_name = w.objectName()
meta_name = w.metaObject().className()
win_title = None
if isinstance(w, QDockWidget):
win_title = w.windowTitle()

However, as soon as you focus on the window, it resets, and the window titles are once again added, reintroducing the ampersand problem. One way of going about it is that the widget itself does not use the window title on the description of the widget, or uses a string with the ampersand values removed.

I’ll continue evaluating this tomorrow, as I want to relax a bit more for today :smiley:


Awesome update :smiley: ! I’m testing it with my own themes for Krita, and I’m seeing some issues:

some parts like the bottom of dropdown menus have a white line that looks too bright on my themes

Without the flat theme enable:

On my light theme, it’s hard to see the lines and the text of hidden dockers

And the light blue text is kinda… I don’t know, I just don’t like it, but I think it’s more about personal taste :thinking:

I know u probably have a lot of things to do so I won’t expect u to support themes other themes that are not the default ones

The settings window has some issues too

I’m running elementary OS 5 (based on ubuntu 18.04) if it matters.


There-s a lot of good feedback here! I’ll digest it better tomorrow, it’s holidays in the country I’m in :smiley:


Oh, don’t worry about it!! have a good holiday >:D

when you enable flat theme the docker navigation on the right side doesnt cut the docker title like default theme does,
however i still used this cool plugin because the floating tool options is really useful :smiley:

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I was playing around with the dockers positions, and I discovered somethin (maybe it is a known thing already) but if I put the tool box on the horizontal

and turn “nuToolBox” on, the nuToolbox will be positioned like this:

It’s a interesting way of using it :eyes:


Yeah, I have to check that out, thanks!


The new UI looks great :slight_smile:
I found a problem tho, If I click E to set eraser mode the icon does not change.
The brush does changes to eraser, but I get no feedback as to the status of the tool,
I deactivate the flat theme and I got that function back, the rest of the UI changes does
not affect this area.


I have a problem from the previous version. When the “Use the flat theme” option is selected there are no indicators that show that a button is activated, for example: mirror.
Maybe it’s a lot of work, but if that button when activated became a little darker or lighter it would be very helpful.
Thanks, I use your addons a lot.

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