[UI] Stabilise brush - properties dropdown

Personally, I prefer to have the stabilise brush settings as a dropdown below the the button to activate a stability mode as this consolidates the settings close to the canvas. Currently, for mirroring there is already such a dropdown.

It would be interesting to tackle brush stability settings the way they are handled for brush settings:

I thus propose to have these settings in a dropdown too:

Alternatively, considering the discussions on this forum about a UI overhaul that is closer to Blender (which I find visually more pleasing and convenient). There, the dropdowns consolidate all options (so the UI can remain minimal and you won’t need dockers for these settings). Additionally, in Blender, these menus can usually also be opened as a pop-up using a keyboard shortcut.

When drawing/ sketching precise curves it is very important to have the stability settings, try to sketch the curve and then try and change the settings until you manage to get the desired curve.

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There is already a setting to move the tool options docker to a toolbar popup. It needs a restart of Krita.

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Thanks, that will serve as a solution in the meantime!
I nevertheless hope that this could eventually be incorporated in the UI overhaul :slight_smile:

I doubt we’re going to do an UI overhaul how Blender did it. We still have Qt6 and changing the widgets framework to do, that will be enough work without even thinking of a new design. Better change things like that in small incremental changes, like all other UI improvements. UI overhaul just to change its look is pretty inefficient, tbh, that’s a year or more of work without that much of benefits.


I’d also recommend this plugin! :star::grinning:


Thanks for the recommendation! A new version is being worked on, already with Krita 5.0 in mind, so hopefully there’s something to look forward to :slight_smile:


I almost hit the heart button repeatedly! :laughing:
I’m looking forward to it!
At the same time, I hope it will not be a burden for you. :coffee: :relieved:

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