Understanding wash-build-up-flow-opacity brush settings

Dear Krita Community,

I’m new here and know that this question is already worked out in various constellations again and again, but unfortunately I still have problems with creating my own brushes.

The most of the time iam using the Bristle-4_Glaze Brush from Krita 4. I really like the look of this brush. But after a while, i think i dont want that overlapping brushstrokes results in a darker value. After i google , i found a thread on reddit where this is asked also and this screenshot describes my problem very well:

When drawing with Opacity, how do I prevent the ugly overlaps?

The reddit thread where this was posted said, the solution is using “flow” instead of opacity, but the thread was not Krita related and i guess its not the solution because the Bristle-4_Glaze has 100% flow when i look in the brush settings.

I found a tutorial matrix from @tiar in a krita-artists thread which i think is very helpful.

Overview: https://krita-artists.org/uploads/default/optimized/2X/2/23949a216622f6d486509be54711b88476688dab_2_546x800.jpeg

So here my two questions:

  1. From the matrix i guess, the Bristle-4_Glaze brush uses 100% Flow and Pen Pressure opacity in wash Mode. I guess that, because the value does not change when overlapping in the same opacity level at a single brush stroke. But how can i varify that? I dont find a “wash mode” option or “build up” option in the brush settings. I search for that also and found this thread: Selecting wash or build-up painting mode (cant put more than two links here is a new user, sorry). But i still do not find it in the mentioned brush settings list.

  2. It seems from the matrix no opacity-flow-wash-buildup relation can solve my problem (not change value on seperate brushstrokes when overlapping) or? Because in the matrix the “overlapping” or his prevention is only related to a single stroke.

Maybe someone still has patience to help me :slight_smile: !

Best Regards


It’s in the “Painting mode” tab in Brush Editor.

No, it cannot, because the image you showed is probably showing two different strokes. For that, use Greater blending mode. See Mix — Krita Manual 4.4.0 documentation

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Oh i really overseen this as a own tab. I will try out the greater blending mode. Thank you for the fast reply and pushing me in the right direction :slightly_smiling_face: !

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A beginners trap with the greater blending mode it that it only paints over when the new stroke is more opaque then what’s already on the canvas. It often leads to confusion when people change the color or something and wonder why it has no effect on the canvas (because the new stroke was too transparent to be applied)

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I think this confusion would have been so on me ^^ … Thank you for anticipating that. I must admit that I have not yet thought so far and each option Due to the different modes can also have different effects on different situations. That makes sense of course. I will look deeper into the options to just get a feel for what I can actually expect and what not.

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