Video tutorial: Animating in Krita (for beginners)


I’ve recorded a short introduction video about animating in Krita:

Enjoy it. :slight_smile:


Hello again Tamas :slight_smile:

You seem to have a misunderstanding about fixed content in an animation.
At 2:48 you draw a ‘wall’ and want the wall to be present in all frames so you say to drag frame-0 across to the right to make it present in all frames.
This is not needed. The wall is not an animated layer, it’s a static (non-animated) paint layer and so it will automatically be present in all frames.
What you were actually doing was selecting a range of frames (in a non-animated layer) and then doing nothing with them.
You do the same thing at 3:40 with the floor layer.

If you want content that is mostly static but does change later in the animation, you draw the first animated frame and then it will automatically be repeated as a ‘held frame’ (a horizontal blue line along the Timeline) then you can draw the changed content in the same layer on a new Blank frame later in the animation.

The sound quality is better in this one. Have you adjusted settings or made other changes?


Hello @AhabGreybeard

You are right, I totally misunderstood that part about the static layers. I would like to walk around the topic a bit better as I do a “Basics of 2D animation” course online, so I will be able to correct it in a future video. Thank you very much for your findings, and for watching my recordings.

The Rode microphone has arrived, and I started to record the voice over in DaVinci Resolve that has a better sound editing surface. I’m still studying the video and sound editing, but it’s fun and so good to see the outcome. :slight_smile: