Virtual Plein Air with Krita

This is an idea given by @ohyran. This is not a contest per se but a collaborative fun exercise. The idea is to choose a location in google street view (or any mapping service which provides street view) paint the location with Krita and then post here by replying to this topic along with the link to the location.

It is like a virtual group plein air painting event :slight_smile: .

Thank you @ohyran for the idea.


I think is a really good idea. Let’s try it asap :smiley:

How about using a tool like for that? It shows a random place on earth in street view :3


Thanks for the link of this site. yes you can use it :slight_smile:

I thought the randomness makes it even more fun, instead of going to a place on google maps you hand picked yourself.


That is a really cool site. I sometimes try to manually find random spots when finding inspiration for doing art…but I like this site even better.

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i know this is not exactly like plain air photo

but i think is good as a plain air in my mind

Maybe with more time i try to do another one.

Done with Digital Atelier Brushes and some updates for future brushes :wink:


Wow regardless of the image not looking like the photo, I think it is really wonderful, I like the atmosphere. Now I am inspired to do one quickly too :slight_smile:


This was a cool challenge! I got this one :slight_smile:

It looked pretty cool! So I tweaked the lighting a bit, changed a few aspects of the composition, and that was it! Great to be a part of this community!


Nice one.

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Hey guys when post the painting, the link of the location is enough, please don’t post the location screenshot :slight_smile:

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This is great challenge. Mapcrunch is a fun too. Spend at least an hour visiting random places.

Tried the following

Krita’s assitant tools were a lot of help for this.


brilliant! thanks for participating, I am trying to find time to do a quick one. thanks for inspiring.

Good values and choice of colors.

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Okay here is my entry,



I wanted to disagree with this “post the link, instead of the photo” policy because I really liked looking at both at the same time and comparing them. I believe it would be good to make the screenshot smaller. It’s super easy, just open in Krita, Image -> Scale to a new size, choose 700 in one dimension, then ctrl+A, ctrl+C to copy, go on krita-artists and do ctrl+V and voila, done :slight_smile: Keep in mind it only works if the artwork or screenshot is on one layer.

In my case though, I forgot to save the link :frowning: and I close the browser already… so I only have a screenshot now:

and my artwork:

Time spent: 1h 45m, and I got bored at this point :confused:


Yeah I didn’t remember to save the link much like @tiar, so this was the location:

And here’s my entry:

Didn’t take too many liberties, just wanted to make a chill study! :smiley:


I wanted to do this in a more ‘quick/concept’ style study so it’s rough, but here we go -



Another :clap: one :clap: (again forgot the link :confused: )

Took about 2 hours:


Hi @tiar,

that’s cool to hear, that you can copy and paste artwork in here straight from Krita without having to save a file first. I find that so much more convenient.

I have to add though, that it actually is possible to copy more than one layer in one go. All you have to do is press “STRG+SHIFT+C” instead of “STRG+C” alone. That copies all visible layers and not just the active one.

(PS: I also prefer to have the reference next to the artwork. I am too lazy to go to another website just to compare)

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