What brushes you want krita to replicate that is in other software?(procreate, clip studio paint, etc)

The question above, how I came across this question is all the brushes I see on sell online, namely for photoshop and procreate. :paintbrush:


Personally i would like the edge pen from medibang, it would be very useful for many situations.

And medibang watercolor brushes which are nothing like real watercolors but are really nice to paint with. Tried to mimic them in krita and although I got similar results it still feels a bit different.


But the blending mode needed(Texture per stroke) is yet to be implemented in krita. Hopefully @Deif_Lou is currently working on that.


I’m not working on that currently, sorry. It turned out to be more complex than expected, and I think it requires someone more familiar with the brush engines to implement this.

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Greg Rutkowski brushes:
free 2017 pack Brushes by 88grzes on DeviantArt
updated paid 2019 pack Greg Rutkowski - Brushes by 88grzes on DeviantArt

Actually a lot of work to bring them into Krita: extract tips and patterns (most of them have a hi-res), and tweak presets close to original. Besides Photoshop is need to be installed alongside with Krita.

Also some brushes from MA Brush pack that gain pronounced texture is really good coworking with gregs’ – Photoshop Brushes for Painting - Oil Painting Brushes for digital Art


I would like to have textured markers, unfortunately there is currently no good blending mode to recreate them, or maybe I haven’t found a good way.

I think that perhaps we could all share brush tests in order to achieve an approximate result of what we are looking for.

Also these brushes that resemble those of SAI.

I like the blending mode of Krita’s brushes, but I would also like to be able to recreate the way SAI blends.

Currently I have my own presets of brushes to draw "anime" and other things, my personal wish is that there were more brushes of this type.


@LunarKreatures, @acc4 @I9S
all your brushes ideas are fantastic if they were to be replicated,
@SchrodingerCat I especially like the idea we should all brush test,
I do know Abr/gbr brushes can be used in Krita. Thank you all for sharing your thoughts.

Aww that’s too bad! :cry: But at least we still got the other texture modes! :grinning_face_with_smiling_eyes:

The reason it’s tricky to recreate those brushes is because Krita doesn’t have the “texture per stroke” blending mode which those marker brushes uses. Krita by default does the equivalent of “apply by each plot” in clip studio paint.

You can try to emulate it by using a masked brush tip or lightness map texture mode (appears to have disappeared in 5.0)

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Oh that’s right, now I see why, well I guess it won’t be possible to recreate these brushes :pensive:


Working on a few brushes that are supposed to have a feeling like Gregs Brushes, he’s got so many really cool and effortless feeling brushes that almost have their own mind it seems, yet they are very controllable.

I’m making all materials from scratch, so we’re on the safe route. :slight_smile:


Some of the brushes by this korean artist:

i have replicated [kinda] one of them. theres a slight dynamic that i havent nailed yet.

also those brush with slightly darker edge.


I really like the look and feel of these brushes, to be able to draw comics digitally. I’ve tried to import them into Krita but only one brush appears with all the settings of the other brushes rather than three separate brushes.

I would love if these three brushes could be replicated and used in Krita!

These brushes look beautiful! I really hope to be able to use them in Krita!

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Oh!!, these types of brushes are hardly seen in Clip Studio, I like them I think I’ll buy them, I like that these have texture and can be used both in a small and large way, it reminds me of one of David Revoy’s brushes and at the same time to those used in the art of Square-Enix.

Watching the video also reminded me of this, it would be nice if it will be resumed, I really believe that this function would help many of us.


I really like their brushes and the naming is :joy: cream cheese cake .

I’m slowly trying to see if i can replicate them - atleast got close to one. Im fan of this kind of brushes for lines , not overly smooth and clean but also not very traditional like. Thats why that Davids pencil ink brush is also on my fav preset.

Whenever I watch a timelapse from them I end up concentration on how the brush paints.


Grading a local photographers portrait and family shots taken in their studio, I found the Sharpen Brush in Aperture invaluable.
Any monochrome portraiture benefited from some selective sharpening.
Teeth, eyes, jewellery all worked to great effect.
I am new to Krita and would really like this ability.
I am researching the Filter Brush Engine to see if it is possible, but a dedicated Sharpen brush would be welcome. I realise Krita is more artist led, but I’d like to fully use one program for all tasks.
Thanks for what appears to be a great package.

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:slight_smile: Hello and welcome to the forum @gkkes!

The brush you suggested “sounds”…hmm… Sharp! :wink:
And maybe that can be achieved by using the “filter brush engine” and using the unsharp masking, but our brush specialists would have to comment on that, I’m not enough of an expert for that.

A little off-topic, I guess I’m the guy for the off-topic (sorry for that):

Hey, you can paint with Krita, animate, also edit photos (perhaps not with all the tools of specialized software), calculate, write letters if necessary, although the text function can have its pitfalls, and which would have to be sent as an image at the end. What is still missing? :thinking:
3D modeling, web surfing, instant messenger, games, spreadsheet, database? Nope!

I wish you a Happy New Year, and always happy painting and fun with Krita! :fireworks:


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