Why are my custom brushes deleted when i close the program?

Hi. Sorry if this question has been asked before, but I just can’t figure this out.
whenever I create a new brush preset, it gets deleted completely when I close the program. Why does this happen?

Hello, and welcome to the forum.
Probably You didn’t save your brushes. When creating a custom brush, you need to either overwrite brush preset , or save new brush preset (In the top right of the brush editor). Ther’s more detail about this in @RamonM’s video abot creating brushes: NEW video in Youtube Channel. Making Brushes part 1. I hope this was useful for you.


I’m definitely saving them. I’ve clicked save new brush preset and everything, but they still get deleted.

Krita doesn’t delete anything, even if you are not seeing it the files should still exist in the resource folder.

First of all i would check the settings> manage resources. Check show deleted files and make sure you are seeing local presets. If you can find them there you can undelete them.

If you can’t see them press the button open resource folder and go to the painttopresets folder see if they are there, if they are then close krita, and delete the resourcecache.sqlite in the resource folder

The only way i can imagine your brushes are being really deleted is of your resource folder is being recreated everytime you open krita which is very unlikely to be happening.

I tried that, but I still couldn’t find them. I did notice something, though: the ones that are disappearing are edits of brushes from a pack I downloaded. Is it just not possible to edit brushes from a pack?

You can also change brushes of bundles and adjust them to your needs, that’s no problem.


hey! i dont know if this would be helpful but i was having the same problem until about right now, if you’re having a problem finding them when you’re looking up the brushes in the selector, i pressed checkmark box next to “filter in tag” and then my brushes showed up. Unless you’re searching up your custom brushes in all or all untagged, you shouldnt have to do that. it might be that you cant edit them from a pack, but i havent tried that yet. I just saw this and thought maybe i could say something. :> sorry if im not too helpful XD

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:slight_smile: Hello @D4MN3D_DUD3, and welcome to the forum!

You can edit any brush, may it be one of the brushes Krita comes with, or may it be a downloaded or a self created brush. It can come out of a bundle or from “loose” collections of KPP-Preset-Files, which are representing a brush in Krita. KPP’s are the equivalent to Photoshops ABR’s, when the ABR holds just one brush, if it holds multiple brushes it is the equivalent to a bundle in Krita, and a bundle in Krita is also able to contain only a single brush. And to name all the resources bundles can hold, you can create bundles with brush tips, brush presets, patterns, gradients, gamut masks, SeExpr Scripts, palettes, workspaces, all in one container it is pretty cool.


Edit/Add: By the way, no one can help it if someone accidentally makes a setting that then, as in your case, shows him only some brushes, or no brushes at all. Something like that is certainly unpleasant at the moment, especially if you are not yet familiar with a software, but by mistakes you learn. But you can’t expect the software makers to provide everyone who installs one of their products with a nanny who tells the user which button to press. You don’t expect that when you install Windows or buy a car, either, unless you spend a lot of money on those instructors.
But at least there is the manual, there are various internet platforms, like this forum and there are instructional videos and also through search engines you can find out some answers.
But if you want to learn to walk, you have to expect to fall on your face at the beginning. That’s how learning works, and no one is to blame for that.

yeah of couse! i personally havent tried so i didnt know that. useful to know. /pos

its possible, in this case for krita 5 they are stored in folders with the name of the bundle. though dont know if thats only for overwrites or new presets too.

Possibly you do have tag filtering like @D4MN3D_DUD3 suggested, and you could just change it to “All” and find it.

If not, do you maybe use Windows Store? Or a custom resource folder? Probably not, but asking to be sure…

I don’t use windows store or a custom resource folder, no. And anyway, the brushes are disappearing from tags that I’ve assigned them to manually, so I don’t think it’s a tag issue.

by the way, I don’t want anyone to think I’m being ungrateful here. I genuinely appreciate all the responses, I’m just not good at saying that.