Won’t stop opening new layers

I’m using Krita newest version and using a Huion tablet, when I open a project (new or saved) it won’t stop opening new layers. It worked fine before, I’ve been using Krita for months. It opens the program like 40 times when i start it up, and the layers issue. Not sure if it’s a Huion issue or Krita, but only happens when i’m opening Krita

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Which Huion tablet are you using and which operating system are you using?

The latest verison of krita is 4.4.5 and that’s been out for about a month.
If it worked fine before, did you do anything at all to your system shortly before the problem started happening?

Can you do Help → Show system information for bug reports, then copy-paste the contents of that window to a reply here?

That’s a strange and unusual thing.
Do you see the splash screen sequence forty times?
Does the taskbar show forty instances of krita?
Do you see forty instances in the Task manager?

Does it open/create new layers all the time even if the pen is nowhere near the tablet or does it do it when the pen is touching the tablet?

It’s a Huion Kamvas 13, Windows 10 64bit

As far as opening the program many times, I had to sit there and close a lot of windows of Krita for a minute or so.

I think the better way to rule out a tablet issue is:

  • Disconnect your tablet (I think you have another monitor besides your drawing display)
  • Uninstall all Huion Drivers
  • Reboot your PC

And see if the problem still persist.

I reinstalled the Huion program/drivers and Krita. I’m noticing in the Huion keybind setup it’s showing that “Space” is constantly being “pressed” even though I’m not touching anything.

I’ll go back to my previous point: If it worked fine for many months and then this started happening, something must have changed.

If a Windows update has totally messed up the Huion driver and/or its internal config files, uninstalling the driver (and not connecting the tablet) should stop it happening.
That may not be the only cause though, if it is a cause.

Do you recall anything ‘significant’ that happened to your computer before this started to happen?

As I was typing this, you posted that you reinstalled the Huion driver.
(Reinstalling krita will have no effect.)
Did you check the Huion website to get the latest driver for your tablet?
Can you try it without the Huion driver installed and with the tablet disconnected to fullly remove any Huion driver/tablet influence and effects.

You don’t say if you now get 40 or so instances of krita running.

This is strange. It could be a problem of Tablet Drivers and/or Windows Updates. Like AhabGreybeard and I said, try disconnecting the tablet, uninstalling the tablet drivers and rebooting your PC and then opening Krita.
I believe that your still have the multiple krita instances even after doing those reinstall right?

This may look trivial or unfruitful but it helps tremendously in directing our efforts, especially yours. Because:

  • If the problem persist even without Tablet + Drivers then it is a Krita problem, and we can focus on that.
  • If the problem only appears with the drivers, but with the tablet disconnected. Then it can be a problem that could call for Huion support and Microsoft Windows support, besides Krita.
  • If the problem appears only with the tablet connected it still can be a Driver problem, but also could be a hardware problem. Maybe the USB cable (thou I doubt it in this case), or a button malfunctioning in the tablet.

Yes…this sounds to me like a driver issue or a ‘stuck’ key/keypress…dunno if it works like a touchpad but…maybe something like that… @Daishishi advice if good to pinpoint the problem…

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